High uric acid is not well controlled, has what consequences?

For most healthy people, they may think that high uric acid is only a minor problem, and even many people’s first reaction is: rich and noble disease, which shows that our living standard is improving!

As a doctor, I would like to remind everyone that if high uric acid is not well controlled, it will develop into gouty arthritis, forming gout nodules and gout kidneys, which will cause terrible damage to the body.

Gouty Arthritis-Pain Attacking Irregularly

When it comes to gout, many patients’ friends may frown, because the first thing they think about is the unforgettable pain.

There was once a patient who divided gout pain into 5 levels according to his own feelings. Although it was irregular, it was very vivid:

    Level 1 pain: slight pain, which has no effect on daily life; Level 2 pain: It is more painful and feels something is wrong when walking. Level 3 pain: It hurts very much. You need to stand on tiptoe or hold the table when walking. Level 4 pain: The pain is very strong, you need to lie on the bed, the lower body hurts when you move, and the upper body can move with pain. Level 5 pain: Severe pain, lying on the bed, unable to straighten up, pain when moving.

Why is it so painful?

The main culprit is still high uric acid.

The concentration of dissolved salt in water exceeds the saturation point of salt, Crystals are precipitated. Similarly, if the concentration of uric acid dissolved in the blood exceeds the saturation point, they will form urate crystals and deposit in soft tissues. The most common joint is the root of the big toe on the foot, and it can also occur in other larger joints, especially the ankle and foot joints.

The immune system of the human body will regard these crystals as enemies of invasion and constantly attack them. In the process of attack, joints will inevitably be damaged, and gout patients will feel unforgettable pain.

Gout Nodules-Signs of Severe Symptoms

Some patients, when gout does not attack, cannot [learn from the bitter experience] and gallop again in the wine market, stuttering meat and singing about wine. Today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine and today, there is wine.

It is impossible to control uric acid level for such patients.

As a result, the attack period of gout and arthritis in these people will become longer and longer, more and more joints will be involved, and the pain brought by each attack will become more and more unbearable.

Continue to develop, Gout nodules as small as sesame and as large as eggs will appear on their joints. Not only does it affect the appearance, Gout nodules once by friction, pressure, hot and cold stimulation or trauma, relatively easy to break, outflow of toothpaste-like white uric acid crystals. These damaged skin parts regeneration ability is poor, difficult to heal. In case of bacterial infection, it is likely to last for a long time, forming chronic suppurative lesions.

The appearance of gout nodules indicates that the disease has become more and more serious. If gout continues to develop, gout will not only damage human joints, but also begin to [capture] internal organs of the human body.

Gout Kidney-The Main Cause of Death in Gout Patients

Kidney is one of the organs most vulnerable to gout.

Uric acid is a kind of garbage in the human body, which is also excreted out of the body through the kidney. If the uric acid in the blood of gout patients is really high, when excreted through the kidney, some uric acid will easily deposit in kidney tissue, leading to the occurrence of gout kidney.

The human kidney is a very tolerant organ, When the kidney function of many patients is slightly damaged, Still still feel good about themselves, the normal diet and daily life have not been greatly affected. In fact, a crisis is quietly brewing. When the kidney function is further damaged, the disease will often change sharply and the kidney function will continue to deteriorate, with 17% to 25% of the patients eventually dying of chronic renal failure.

Therefore, patients with high uric acid should not think that this is just a sign of their [too rich]. We must pay attention to controlling uric acid level, and don’t wait until it is too late to regret not listening to the doctor’s advice.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

This article is taken from the book “Gout, it is enough to read this book”, which is reprinted by the author’s authorized clove garden.