It is not alarmist to fall and lose one’s life! Understand these five points to avoid serious consequences

For children or young people, if they accidentally fall down, they may just get up and pat the ashes. But for the middle-aged and elderly, a fall may be a great event.

There are data showing:

Complications caused by falls are one of the main causes of death and serious injuries for people over 65 years old.

Its risk is even no less than stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Some elderly friends, because of wrestling, have caused more serious consequences. There are also often some news that the elderly accidentally fell down, which is reported on the newspaper website.

The old man fell down, which is not far from daily life and needs to be paid attention to.

We should know how to deal with accidental falls and, more importantly, how to prevent them.

Know fairly well and act without panic.

As you get older, you are more likely to wrestle.

Accidental tripping and bumping are one of the major causes of wrestling.

As you get older, your eyesight, muscle strength and body coordination will all decline and you will fall more easily.

If there are still diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease, cataract, etc., the risk of falling will be further increased. Some people fall due to heart attack or stroke.

In addition, it must be admitted that the design of public places and some homes in China is not detailed and scientific enough. Too smooth ground, inconspicuous ditches, ditches and canyons, unreasonable steps in height, and passages lacking handrails will all increase the possibility of old people falling down.

In this way, it really seems to be [in danger].

Don’t despise the old man when he falls.

After a fall, he didn’t get up again. This may not be alarmist.

Soft tissue abrasions are trivial. If wrestling causes cerebral hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke), it is serious.

If there is chronic disease itself, it will also make it more difficult to control some indicators to reach the standard due to the stimulation of falling down.

However, the elderly who have fallen once may have fear and fear of activities. However, if you do not exercise properly, your body function will further deteriorate and you will fall more easily. As a result, a bad cycle has been formed.

Then there is the fracture. After fracture, it will always affect the ability to take care of oneself. Serious cases, such as spinal fracture, pelvic fracture and hip fracture, have to stay in bed and let others take care of them.

Here, Dr. Clove has received many inquiries: If you are unfortunately broken, such as femoral head fracture or pelvic fracture, do you want surgery?

Do you want surgery if you have a fracture?

Concerns about unwillingness to operate are consistent:

Can you bear the operation when you are old?

Age is not the only decisive factor to bear the operation, but depends on the overall state.

Doctors will judge whether the functional state of the patient’s organs can be operated through pre-operation examination.

If you can, then Dr. Clove suggests doing it!

Bed rest, traction fixation, feel safer, in fact there are hidden dangers.

For example, nursing is difficult and is a very difficult test for patients and their families. For example, long-term bed rest and braking can easily cause muscle atrophy and even increase the probability of bedsore, lung and urinary system infection.

When these situations are serious, they will endanger lives.

In addition, conservative treatment, even if the bone grows well, is often difficult to completely restore to the original state, affecting the quality of life.

In contrast, because the surgical technology is maturing day by day, the advantages of surgery are more. The functional recovery of lower limbs will be faster and smoother, and because you can get out of bed faster, you can avoid complications caused by bed rest.

Of course, any operation has risks. Good treatment should minimize the risks.

If you encounter such a thing unfortunately, you should consult your doctor in detail and choose the best plan for the patient with the help and advice of the doctor.

Do you want to get up when you fall down? Do others want to help you?

There is no social topic here, only from a medical point of view.

If you fall down, don’t get up in a hurry, sit or lie down in situ, feel it, after confirming that there is no serious problem, you can let others help you or get up on your own. Behind, it is better to go to the hospital for examination, so you can rest assured.

If you feel unwell, immediately find a way to ask others for help.

If you see the old man fall down and feel unconscious and painful, call 120 emergency calls in the first place.

If cardiac arrest occurs and there is no breathing, chest compressions and artificial respiration should be performed immediately.

If there is headache, convulsion, limb deformation and other conditions, ensure the safety of the surrounding environment, don’t move at will, wait for professionals in situ.

If there is vomiting, nosebleeds, etc., it can help to tilt the head to one side, clean the nose and mouth, and ensure smooth breathing.

It is more important not to fall down easily.

How to prevent falls?

1. Control chronic diseases, conduct regular physical examination, and pay attention to cardiovascular and vision conditions.

2. Pay attention to the characteristics of the drugs taken. Some drugs will cause fatigue or disperse energy, which is easy to increase the probability of falling down.

3. Moderate exercise, balanced diet, scientific calcium supplement, enhance muscle strength and body coordination, and maintain bone strength.

4. When going out, try to wear anti-skid shoes and pay attention to the road conditions.

5. Pay attention to the home environment. The ground is not too wet and slippery. Optimizing the placement of the home and proper lighting can reduce the possibility of falling down.

As one gets older, wrestling is not a trivial matter for the elderly.

Share articles with relatives and friends who care about them. Pay attention to them from time to time in daily life to avoid accidents and keep them healthy for a long time.