It may also be a disease for the baby to dig his nose! Parents, don’t ignore

I don’t need to ask, almost everyone has done it. Sometimes it’s because of itching, sometimes I think there is a foreign body in it, in short, it’s not cool after digging.

Children also dig their noses, but unlike most adults, this is a matter that needs parents’ attention.

Some people may say:

If he wants to dig, let him dig. I can dig too. If your nose is itchy and blocked, you always have to dig. Can there be what problems?

If you dig once in a while, it may be itchy or blocked by foreign bodies such as nasal excrement in your nose. It doesn’t matter if your parents help to check and clean it up in time.

Is there some other reason why the child keeps picking his nose?

Why do children always dig their noses?

STEP 1 Be upset

As you may have discovered, children over the age of 3 always like to dig their noses when they have nothing to do, especially when they are nervous or their emotional needs are not met. Parents should not be careless, this is already a developmental behavior problem. If left unchecked, a few stubborn people may continue to adult.

For this kind of situation, the treatment method is the same as that of nail biting. Never beat and scold. Beating and scolding will only further aggravate or worsen the nose digging behavior.

It is suggested that parents take the initiative to ask why their children dig their noses and whether they feel uneasy or stressed. As long as we actively look for the reasons and appease them in time so that they can be relieved psychologically, this kind of behavior can be alleviated and eliminated to a certain extent.

2. Some nose diseases

Most of the nose digging is due to the relationship between something in the nose (nasal mucus, nasal excrement or other foreign bodies) and itchy nose. If the child always digs the nose or regularly digs the nose, especially when accompanied by nasal mucus, nasal excrement and itchy nose, it may be allergic rhinitis.

In addition, in addition to rhinitis, if children often dig their noses, it does not rule out the possibility of nasal vestibular eczema.

Someone wants to ask, eczema?

Sounds incredible? But this is possible. Eczema growing in nasal vestibule is mostly related to allergy and is more common in children.

Acute eczema and chronic eczema both make the nose itchy. However, chronic eczema pruritus is more obvious, which makes children often unable to help picking their noses.

If the child shows discomfort, often digging his nose, and the skin in the nasal alar, nasal tip, upper lip and other places is rough, as well as visible scales and dry scabs, it is more serious. Parents need to take the child to the hospital in time for help from otolaryngologists or pediatricians.

Why don’t you let the child dig his nose?

1. Vulnerability to irritant infections

The action of picking the nose is easy to damage the nasal mucosa. If the nasal mucosa is damaged, bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances in the air will more easily enter the body, leading to diseases.

The nasal cavity of infants is relatively short, and there is no protection of nasal hair. Nasal mucosa is tender and easy to infect. If stimulated, it is more likely to run nose and itch.

Step 2: Causing nosebleeds

The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels. If the child accidentally breaks the nose, he will shed nosebleeds. The broken place will itch after scabbing, and the child cannot help digging the nose again, so it is easy to dig it again.

3. Health issues

If the hands are not clean when digging the nose, bacteria and viruses on the hands will easily enter the nose and cause infection.

4. Not good-looking!

Also, I am definitely not the only one who thinks that picking a nose is not good-looking, is it?

Children may not have much problem digging occasionally, but if they get into the bad habit of digging their noses, they are neither healthy nor beautiful, so parents should pay attention to it.

For children who habitually dig their noses, parents should help them solve this problem as soon as possible.