Take Eva to relax and don’t let these unnecessary worries torture yourself.

Mothers of the second child may all feel this way: when they gave birth to Dabao, they were extremely nervous, ate countless parenting books and consulted many [former people] around them, but the result was still in a hurry.

When pregnant with the two treasures, everything becomes much simpler: bolder and less dogmatic.

Yes, Dr. Clove wants to tell everyone: Relax, Eva’s vitality can be tenacious. Most legends [mistakes that must not be made] are to frighten herself.

Is the baby serious?

Some of the baby’s manifestations are not illness at all, such as [horse tooth] [breast lump] [cockroach mouth], which are all fine and do not need treatment.

However, in some cases of illness, there is no need to be too nervous.

1. Simple nasal obstruction does not take medicine indiscriminately,

Infant respiratory system is not fully developed, it is easy to cause nasal congestion due to cold and hot air stimulation. If the baby opens his mouth to gasp and cry, but there are no other symptoms, parents need not be in a hurry to feed the medicine.

Take the baby to a comfortable temperature environment and hold it upright for a while, perhaps it will be fine.

2. No poop for a week and no nervousness,

Some parents think that newborn babies, like adults, are constipated if they do not defecate for more than one day. However, in fact, even if the baby does not defecate for a week, it may be commonly known as “saving belly”, which is a normal phenomenon.

So, don’t go to Kaiseru in a hurry.

3. Fever does not take antibiotics immediately,

Before the baby was 3 months old, fever was indeed worthy of vigilance, but what needed to be done was not to feed drugs without authorization, but to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

After the baby is older, if it is judged that it is not necessary to go to the hospital immediately and should not be fed antibiotics indiscriminately, if the fever is more serious, then antipyretics can be fed according to the drug instructions first.

These are the things that need to be paid attention to.

    Don’t cover your sweat when you have a fever, don’t cover your swaddling clothes too thick, don’t cover too much when you sleep, and be careful of the life-threatening [heat-covering syndrome]; The baby has caught a cold, don’t feed several kinds of cold medicines in a hurry. You should be cautious about the cold medicines of compound preparations, read the instructions clearly, and follow the doctor’s advice. When feeding the medicine, don’t pinch your nose, it is easy for your baby to choke, and don’t mix it in the beverage, which may affect the drug effect. Vaccines on the vaccine book are carefully administered, and some vaccines at one’s own expense can also be considered. Compared with babies suffering from illness, vaccines for disease prevention are the most cost-effective.

Eat and drink, not so much pay attention to

When it comes to the baby’s food and drink, parents will be very nervous. The following three situations are too careful.

1. For less than 6 months, no supplementary food is allowed.

First of all, let’s make a statement. It is definitely recommended to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months.

However, the situation is different for different babies. If some babies can accept spoon feeding after 4 months and will not refuse with their tongues, they can try to add some supplementary food after feeding.

However, Ding Ma reminded everyone that it would not be good to add supplementary foods as early as possible. Otherwise, premature reduction of breast milk/formula milk will affect the baby’s development.

2. Breast milk is good, don’t worry about drinking a few saliva.

Dr. Clove once told everyone that babies 6 months ago do not need to be fed water.

This is not to say that you cannot drink a mouthful. If the baby does not refuse, it is no problem to lick it. But don’t force the baby to drink!

3. Snacks are not impossible to eat at all.

Some parents are very strict and do not allow their children to eat some snacks. It is still possible to eat some occasionally.

Just pay attention to the amount, don’t eat too much, and urge the baby to form the good habit of eating snacks after meals and brushing teeth after eating snacks.

These are the things that need attention:

    If food hygiene is to be done well, it will be bad for babies to eat bad stomachs. Food chewed mouth to mouth cannot be fed to the child, which not only hinders the development of the baby’s masticatory muscles, but also may spread diseases. Pay attention to observation when adding supplementary food to ensure that you are not allergic.

If you disinfect too much, you become [cleanliness addiction]

Sometimes, some [cleanliness] is really unnecessary.

1. If you play dirty, just go home and wash it again.

Many parents are very nervous when they see their baby lying on the ground. They wish that every time their baby’s hand touches the ground, they would catch it and wipe it with disinfected wet wipes.

The outdoor ground is not clean enough, but it is not so terrible.

Excessive cleaning of the skin, in addition to destroying the natural balance of microorganisms, is more likely to damage the skin. Besides, it is not good for children to keep interrupting their play.

2. Routine disinfection of infant clothing and quilts

If the baby unfortunately suffers from infectious diseases such as herpetic angina, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and disinfect toys, bowls and spoons, beds and clothes. However, in normal times, it is really unnecessary to wash these things with disinfectant.

Parents are tired from washing. If the disinfectant chosen is not suitable, it will remain on the object, which will stimulate the baby’s skin to develop a rash and make the care bad.

These are the things that need attention:

    Change diapers in time, don’t wait until you become a red ass to start worrying; After the baby can climb, clean the floor every day. The nipple of the bottle is scalded before use. If it has never been used before, boil it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Clean the oral cavity twice a day, and the baby starts to help brush his teeth after his deciduous teeth erupt. Wash your hands before meals and after defecation to teach your baby the correct way to wash your hands.