It turned out that these 8 mysterious substances made him fall in love with you deeply.

What kind of panacea has been smeared on the wonderful Cupid’s arrow to make men and women in the vast sea of people love each other?

If you ask a neuroscientist, his answer is probably: attention, tension, pleasure, healing, congenial, loyalty, maturity and eternity.

First, what made him fall in love with you at first sight?

Love originates from attention, and phenylethylamine (C8H11N) is the mysterious substance behind [love at first sight].

Neuroscience research shows that small molecules of phenylethylamine can concentrate attention, relieve pressure and regulate emotions, and are the first key to find the right object and open the heart in the vast sea of people.

Clinical studies have also found that phenylethylamine-mediated [attention] actually involves all aspects of life. For example, children with ADHD (scientific name [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder]) are difficult to maintain continuous attention to things precisely because of the lack of phenylethylamine in the body.

Smart candy makers understand this and always like to associate the silky taste of chocolate with the psychological ripples of first love. The reason is also that chocolate contains a large amount of phenylethylamine.

Second, the heart beat faster as soon as we met?

The beautiful image of the lover, even if only a glimpse of the canthus, is enough to cause tension, specifically manifested as chest bump deer, palms sweating, dry mouth and tongue, satiety and hunger do not distinguish, these are adrenal(C9H13N03)in effect.

Adrenaline, as its name implies, is mainly a hormone secreted by adrenal tissue, which mediates two instincts of human beings in times of crisis: fighting or running away.

In addition, the central nervous system and some chromaffin cells also secrete epinephrine.

Three, why do you know jealousy?

In the end, many of the wonderful things in love are due to dopamine(C8H11NO2), An organic molecule produced by hypothalamus is called neurotransmitter because it can transmit information between nerve cells.

There is a [reward mechanism] in the human brain, and one of the most important prizes is dopamine.

To know the power of dopamine, just list two facts: first, dopamine can make people addicted; Second, nicotine, alcohol and some drugs are addicted to because dopamine in the brain is activated.

Studies have shown that attachment and jealousy, desire and expectation in love are also due to the activation of dopamine system.

Four, want TA want tea and rice?

Don’t think of tea or rice in love? This is because of serotonin(C10H12N2O).

Serotonin is mainly the metabolite of an amino acid called tryptophan in the intestinal tract and is also a neurotransmitter in the brain.

In this way, as the saying goes, the first thing to catch a man’s heart is his stomach.

In addition, high concentrations of serotonin can promote wound healing. Therefore, from illness to war, it is always beneficial to spend time together with your lover.

Five, why the vast sea of people, it happened that you and him?

Careful readers have found that we have not marked the molecular formula after pheromones, because although pheromones have been proved to be closely related to sex and love in mammals such as mice and rabbits, whether pheromones also exist in the human body is still controversial.

Scientists who believe in pheromones usually attribute this mysterious and mysterious congenial relationship to the role of pheromones.

In addition, these scientists also believe that the gradual synchronization of menstrual cycles among girls in the same dormitory after four years of college is also evidence of the existence of pheromones.

Six, loyalty also has mystery

Oxytocin (C43H66N12O12S2) is a neurotransmitter produced by hypothalamus and stored in pituitary gland. Its most well-known function is to promote uterine contraction to facilitate production.

Recent studies have shown that oxytocin is also involved in a series of human activities, such as social cognition, spouse behavior, orgasm, and psychological anxiety.

Oxytocin is also called “trust hormone”. Studies have shown that oxytocin can promote husband and wife loyalty and maintain the stability of monogamous social structure.

Don’t think oxytocin is a woman’s patent. Men also produce oxytocin during orgasm. Even a simple hug is enough to secrete oxytocin.

What changed him from a boy to a man?

When can a boy become a man, after marriage or as a father?

The answer may vary from person to person, but it all involves a hormone called vasopressin (C46H65N13O12S2).

It is this hormone that participates in men’s choice of the opposite sex and triggers the instinct to take care of children.

Studies have shown that vasopressin and oxytocin can promote brain maturation. Animal experiments have shown that removal of vasopressin can lead to promiscuity, so it can be said that it is this hormone that makes men grow, mature and become able to take responsibility.

Eight, eternal love, due to endorphins

Endorphins are another type of neurotransmitter produced by pituitary and hypothalamus, which is why it is impossible to identify a single molecular formula.

Like dopamine, endorphins are also molecules used by the brain to [reward] oneself. Not only are endorphins involved in love, the pain and happiness during exercise, and even the happiness of people in Sichuan and Hunan, all of which are the result of endorphins’ participation.

Unlike love at first sight induced by phenylethylamine, endorphins are molecules used by the human body to keep love fresh in common life after the relationship between the two parties is determined.

Perhaps it is not so dizzy, but it is a guarantee that the true feelings will last forever.

The chemical basis of love was so complicated.

No matter how well neuroscientists know about these hormones, the book Love has just opened its front page.