Knowing Early Can Avoid Early: Eight Causes of Your Breast Milk Insufficiency

Breastfeeding mothers are very concerned about how to lactate, I don’t know much about what factors may lead to insufficient breast milk. While paying attention to lactagogue, In fact, we should also understand the factors that have negative effects on lactation. To avoid these situations, In order to better provide adequate nutrients for the baby. Let’s talk about the factors that affect breast milk secretion. Eight reasons that affect milk production 1. Too little sucking is the most common cause of insufficient breast milk. [The more you feed, The more crowded] is the king of breastfeeding. The baby’s sucking can stimulate the mother to secrete oxytocin, On the contrary, if there is no [milk], The breasts are not emptied, It is difficult to continue producing milk, Causing less and less breast milk, Forming a vicious circle. The newborn baby’s stomach is very small, Regular feeding is required to ensure adequate nutrient intake. Generally speaking, It should be fed every 2 ~ 3 hours, Let the baby suck one breast for at least 10 minutes at a time, To effectively stimulate milk production. If the baby is always sleeping, Can take the initiative to wake up the baby every 3 hours to nurse. 2. It is not easy to be a mother when tired, Postpartum fatigue is also a common cause affecting milk production. Although it is not necessary to say [bedridden], However, it is still necessary to have a full rest and stay relaxed. The synthesis and secretion of milk are affected by many hormones. And regular work and rest is conducive to hormone balance. Don’t think you can stay up late today, Then tomorrow, you will sleep hard [make up for it]. 3. Stress, mental stress, excessive tension may inhibit the excitement of parasympathetic nerves of visceral activity, Reduce the amount of milk. Anxiety and physical pain of the new mother are all factors that interfere with the mother’s peace of mind in breast-feeding. At this time, Family members should also share some responsibility for taking care of the baby. Create a comfortable and relaxing environment for mothers. 4. Drug therapy Some prescription and even over-the-counter drugs can affect galactorrhea reflex and milk production. Such as antihistamines, decongestants and diuretics, Is not conducive to milk production. If you are nursing, You should tell the doctor, Choose alternative treatments. By the same token, Also don’t eat some health care products or Chinese herbal medicines with unknown side effects. 5. Contraceptive pills are also used for contraception during lactation. Although menstruation will be suspended, But some people start ovulating before their menstruation resumes. Apart from condoms, Progesterone-only contraceptives can also be selected during lactation. The long-term view in the past was that, The use of hormonal contraceptives during lactation (i.e. Both estrogen and progesterone) will lead to less milk. Although recent studies have questioned this view, However, due to the lack of relevant research, If the pill is chosen as a means of contraception, Many doctors still recommend mothers to choose contraceptives that contain only progesterone. 6. Health Status Some diseases or infections can also reduce milk production. If the body is infected, The doctor may prescribe some suitable antibiotics. In addition, Diseases such as hypothyroidism, anemia and diabetes can also lead to insufficient milk. When seeing a doctor, tell the doctor that he is nursing, and the doctor will prescribe safe drugs. It is true to be cautious in taking drugs during lactation, but don’t simply think [what medicine cannot be taken]. If the adult’s body collapses first, how can you take care of the baby? 7. Smoking mothers’ smoking will reduce oxytocin levels in their bodies, Making the synthesis and secretion of milk more difficult, It can also lead to premature milk loss. But the harm of smoking goes far beyond that: Babies are exposed to secondhand smoke for a long time, The risk of respiratory diseases, ear infections, eye inflammation and even sudden infant death syndrome will increase. So anyway, It is better for both parents not to smoke. 8. Drinking alcohol can also inhibit the secretion of oxytocin in the mother’s body. Causing delayed galactorrhea reflex, Milk excretion is reduced. Alcohol will also enter milk along the blood. Affect the taste of breast milk, It may even lead to sleep disorders, excessive calmness, thrombocytopenia and stunted growth. Most mothers should think it is common sense that [drinking alcohol during lactation] is not suitable. But what cheat people has is something called [Yuezi Wine]. [Yuezi Wine] is yellow wine or rice wine. Broadly speaking, it also includes all kinds of dishes cooked with this wine. The folk saying is to be able to [lactagogue], And said it was safe to boil. In fact, Wine is used in cooking, If the continuous boiling time is less than 1 hour, About 25% ~ 75% of alcohol will still remain in food, The harm is the same as that of direct drinking. Milk is 90% moisture, If we really want to increase milk yield, It is OK to drink more water and soup. There is no need to drink what [Yuezi wine]. Finally, let’s talk about the problem that mothers are most concerned about [eating what can lactagogue]. In a nutshell: Drink more water and eat more high-quality protein such as fish and shrimp, lean meat, eggs and dairy products, which is beneficial to milk production. If white water is not good to drink, you can also drink light and less oily soup. For more information on lactagogue, please refer to < < what is the really effective lactagogue method? > > Breast milk is the best food for babies, and I also hope every mother who walks on the road of breast-feeding can succeed.