Is it a how experience to have a group of relatives who want to preserve their health?

Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone, I am pony

I have a mother who loves keeping in good health.

There are a group of three aunts and six grandmothers who love health care.

He shared with me hundreds of millions of health care methods.

From Nutritional Supplements to Health Detectors, from Legendary Nano Energy Water to Mysterious Thrombosis Ancient Method

Now I feel myself

More lives than cats and longer lives than turtles.

Share my story with you

Thanks to the overwhelming number of health programs on TV!

There is a stall of medicine bottles on the tea table at home all the year round.

They are vitamins A to Z

Mineral gold, silver, copper, iron, calcium, zinc,

There are ginseng slices and cordyceps powder…

Looking at these bottles and jars, I thought to myself, is this the rhythm of preparing to eat medicine as food?

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My mother gave me a cup mysteriously.

It is said to be a nano energy magnet health cup!

Alkalized Acid Metabolites Eliminate Heart Toxicity, Pulmonary Toxicity and Enterotoxicity

Release Far Infrared Electromagnetic Wave to Improve Microcirculation

Circulating negative ions to purify blood

This cup can do anything but save the world!

I said mom

At ordinary times, I always say that my brain is not good enough to remember things.

How can I memorize one set after another?

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Dad found out [three highs] three months ago

He made up his mind to change to a vegetarian diet.

Low fat, low salt and high fiber are quite good.

But I’ll be home in a week

Looking at Dad with a face of dishes, it was really angry and funny.

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Second aunt bought back a health monitor at a high price.

Tie the bracelet and anklet of the instrument to your body.

Put another hoop on your head.

After a beep, analysis reports of various [health data] are displayed on the screen.

I was curious that I secretly took apart the machine.

Found this high-tech diagnosis

It is generated by the built-in random number generator…

Just as unreliable as watching high blood pressure with a stopwatch.

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Third aunt is determined to reduce her belly.

I can’t see her eating less and moving more.

But I saw piles of laxative products constantly moving home.

Papaya Enzyme, Runchang Relaxation and Discharge of Intestinal Toxicity

Tongbian Qingcha can relax bowels and expel bowel toxin.

Grape seed oil, loosen bowels, relieve constipation and expel intestinal toxin

Just looking at it makes my stomach ache and my legs soft.

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Mysterious Ancient Fatong Thrombosis

Dad chatted with the poker players in the courtyard.

A familiar uncle looks like a health expert.

The mysterious ancient method of dredging thrombus is introduced one by one in the sky and one by one in the ground.

To the effect that lemon, ginger, vinegar what

Mix together in a certain proportion.

Beat it into pulp and boil it over low heat.

Eat two bites a day, the doctor hid away, bar, bar, bar…

I was shocked by the shock of my tiger body.

A few slices of lemon and a few slices of ginger completely defeated the scientific research achievements of cardiovascular diseases in recent decades.

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