Knowing these 7 points, taking eggs is more reassuring.

Before doing IVF, many women are afraid to take eggs.

How is it done to take eggs? Is it painful? I hope the following answers can reassure everyone.

How do you get eggs?

The egg is taken under the observation of B-ultrasound and through vaginal puncture. In fact, the overall feeling is similar to that of B-ultrasound. The specific steps are as follows:

    Injection first, hCG;; Wait again, about 33 hours; Under the guidance of B-ultrasound, doctors operate the oocyte extraction needle to enter the ovary through vagina, puncture large follicles, and suck out oocytes, granulosa cells and follicular fluid.

Is it painful to retrieve eggs?

It is generally not painful.

Under normal circumstances, women with a large number of follicles will undergo general anesthesia when taking eggs, and will regain consciousness about half an hour after taking eggs, thus there will be no obvious pain.

There are a few women who take very few eggs and can choose not to be anesthetized. At this time, they will feel pain. However, due to the short time, the average person can tolerate it.

Do you need general anesthesia when taking eggs?

Most patients will choose general anesthesia when taking eggs, because the average woman takes more than 10 eggs, which takes a long time and will cause pain.

When the number of eggs taken is small, for example, a few patients adopt micro-stimulation scheme, only 1-2 mature eggs, and the time for taking eggs is short, no anesthesia can be selected.

In fact, people need not be too afraid of anesthesia. Although they will feel some slight discomfort after surgery, such as sore throat, headache, tiredness, etc., these symptoms will completely disappear after the average person rests for a few days.

Does it take long to retrieve eggs?

Not long, under normal circumstances, it only takes about 10 minutes to retrieve eggs.

However, some women’s ovaries are located abnormally and it is difficult to see the follicles through B-ultrasound. Doctors need to press the patient’s abdomen under the assistance of assistants to take eggs at the same time, thus prolonging the time to take eggs or increasing discomfort. However, even this will not take too long, and it can generally be completed in 20 minutes.

Do you want to be hospitalized after taking eggs?

Generally, there is no need to be hospitalized, and you can observe for half an hour before returning home.

Even patients who take eggs under general anesthesia can recover after lying down for about half an hour without hospitalization.

What situations do you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible?

After taking eggs, if there is mild abdominal pain and a small amount of bleeding, it is normal. Please don’t worry too much. There is no need to return to the hospital immediately and don’t stop taking drugs casually.

However, if nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal distension, severe abdominal pain, continuous vaginal bleeding, oliguria and even hematuria occur after egg retrieval, you should go back to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

What else should we pay attention to?

    After returning home, take antibiotics orally according to the doctor’s requirements to prevent infection. Eat more high protein foods to supplement nutrition, such as soybean milk, milk, lean meat, eggs, etc. Pay attention to the observation of urine volume, if there is abdominal distension, less urine and other conditions to contact the doctor in time; Avoid strenuous exercise; Keep your vulva clean and take a shower, but do not take a sit bath.