Learn some first aid knowledge, not as good as Qiao Meimei, or can be as intelligent

Many people have recently become addicted to [Descendants of the Sun]. The match between soldiers and military doctors is really special. As a military doctor in the field, Qiao Mei’s job is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. After the earthquake, she led the medical team and had to use the most crude equipment on the scene to treat the wounded.

Some minor accidents will inevitably occur in our daily life. How to master the correct first aid method is also a necessary life skill for us.

First of all, let’s look at three common accidental injuries.

Accidentally scratched by something to bleed, cut, scratch how to do?

No matter how careful we are in our life, cuts and bruises are always inevitable. Cuts, bruises and bleeding, the wound is not deep, will you put it aside and ignore it first?

Although they are all minor injuries, they must not be ignored. Many people suffer from wound infection because of improper handling or carelessness.

What we should do immediately after injury is to stop bleeding, clean the wound, bandage the wound, keep the wound clean, etc. Click Do you know how to disinfect the wound on your hand?

What should I do if I get burned accidentally?

Friends who are used to cooking by themselves may be scalded if they are not careful. However, electrical appliances that are not turned off for a long time and hot soup on the dining table may burn the skin, which is one of the most common accidents.

First of all, the scalded area should be washed with cold water quickly, or ice cubes should be wrapped in a towel for cold compress. It is best to last for 10-15 minutes until no pain is felt or the pain is significantly relieved. Avoid scribbling on the wound.

Click to view the burn first aid methods that ordinary people should know.

The swimming season is coming. What should I do if I drown?

As summer approaches, swimming has become the first choice for most people’s entertainment. However, swimming is also prone to drowning accidents, which can cause hypoxia and lead to death. Drowning people will suffer from blue complexion, pale lips, dyspnea and other symptoms.

So, what should we do if our companion drowns?

Rescuers must rescue the drowned person face up to the shore. At the same time, artificial respiration is a very important rescue method. Click drowning, what should I do?

If these problems cannot be solved by themselves, you have to ask 120 for help.

When we cannot carry out the above treatment by ourselves, we have to call 120 for help.

However, not all the people who call 120 know how to clearly express the need for first aid. The wrong way will delay the time when the rescuers arrive at the scene, thus delaying the best treatment time.

The caller should tell the ambulance personnel the patient’s detailed condition and specific location on the phone, and be ready to meet the ambulance at any time, so as to help the ambulance personnel understand the situation as soon as possible.

Click how to dial 120 to be saved quickly.

Seeing here, do you have a general understanding of these common accidents?

However, with the above first aid knowledge, you can provide correct help to the injured in the first place of an accident.

However, Dr. Clove still wants to tell you again that the most important thing is to do a good job in prevention.