Leucorrhea abnormal, vulvar pruritus? Vaginitis should be treated as early as possible.

Vaginitis is a common disease in gynecological outpatient department.

Some people may find it difficult to talk about diseases in private places. People will look askance at you. In fact, Suffering from vaginitis is a normal thing, normal as we occasionally catch a cold. As long as we can find it in time and seek medical treatment in time, most vaginitis can be cured. However, if the treatment is not standardized, it may cause the spread of the disease, leading to acute cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and other more serious diseases.

Abnormal Leucorrhea-Signal of Vaginitis

Leucorrhea is a kind of secretion discharged from women’s vagina. It is a combination of mucus secretions in the cervix, exfoliated epithelial cells, normal vaginal flora and vaginal leakage. Generally speaking, normal leucorrhea secretion will not be accompanied by pruritus, pain, burning sensation or obvious irritation, vulva or vaginal local erosion. The above situation may be caused by vaginitis.

High Risk Factors Causing Vaginitis

Under normal circumstances, various microorganisms in the vagina restrict each other and coexist harmoniously, making the vaginal environment in a balanced state. Once this balance is broken, germs will take the opportunity to invade and cause vaginitis.

The first type of high-risk factors (will break the vaginal balance):

Some friends like to use vaginal lotion, always feel that [washing is healthier], this idea is actually wrong. Under normal circumstances, clean the vagina with clear water is OK, unless there is a need for treatment, only under the guidance of the doctor to use lotion. Inappropriate vaginal medication or vaginal flushing will break the original flora balance of the vagina and cause vaginitis.

The second type of high-risk factors (which may bring bacteria):

When wiping after urination, gently press and suck clean urine. After defecation, the anus should be wiped from front to back. If the direction is not correct, it is possible to bring bacteria in feces to vulva and vagina. Many bacteria and microorganisms will spread through sexual life. Failure to pay attention to sexual hygiene or having multiple sexual partners will increase the risk of infection.

The third type of high-risk factors (providing breeding space for bacteria):

Menstrual use tampons, sanitary napkins do not change in time, will provide a good reproduction space for inducing vaginitis bacteria. Similarly, often wear tight pants, chemical fiber underpants are also easy to make women’s private parts impermeable to induce vaginitis.

The fourth type of high-risk factors (the disease prevention mechanism is not strong enough):

Body resistance is poor, or postmenopausal estrogen level decline is also easy to induce vaginitis. Under the action of these high-risk factors, the vaginal environment [messy], vaginitis also come to you. Pay attention to daily care and exercise, try to avoid these high-risk factors, can effectively prevent vaginitis.

Can vaginitis heal itself?

Many female friends are reluctant to go to the hospital for gynecological examination, and would like to know if they can cure vaginitis by taking drugs at home or even without taking drugs.

To make it clear to you, If not infected, not bacterial vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis and trichomoniasis, but vaginitis caused by vaginal flora imbalance, pay attention to hygiene, adjust the lifestyle may recover on its own. However, if there is abnormal vaginal secretions and vulva, vaginal discomfort, it is recommended to see a doctor in time for examination.

Three common situations of abnormal secretions:

First, the secretion is abnormal in color, yellow-green and dark yellow.

Second, vulva and vagina are unwell.

Third, I feel itching, pain, even redness and swelling of vulva or vagina, or symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination.

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