Mastitis can also be breast-fed while taking medicine.

Penicillins and cephalosporins can be used during lactation.

Conventional antibiotics, Often penicillins or cephalosporins. Both are drugs that can be used safely during lactation. It is also recommended by the American Association of Pediatricians. Lactating mothers take these antibiotics, It has little effect on nursing babies, Even if there is an impact, it may only affect the flora in the baby’s intestinal tract. We have probiotics in our human intestinal tract that are used to digest and decompose food. Although they are beneficial to the human body, But after all, it is also a bacterium, Antibiotics are bactericidal, And can’t tell good from bad, While they kill bad bacteria, It also kills good bacteria. If the antibiotics in the breast-feeding mother accumulate to a certain amount, There will also be a part of breast milk into the baby’s body, which may reduce the number of probiotics in the baby’s intestinal tract. Therefore, mothers taking antibiotics should learn to observe carefully to see if the baby has diarrhea symptoms. If it is only slight diarrhea, it shows that the drug has little effect on the baby, and mothers can continue to take medicine. If the baby has severe diarrhea, It means that the drugs have already had adverse effects on the baby. Better not breastfeed, Or switch to other kinds of antibiotics after consulting a doctor. Generally speaking, If the mastitis is not serious enough to require hospitalization or a doctor’s strict order to stop breastfeeding, Can breastfeed normally. But many mothers will be conservative for safety. Even if the doctor prescribed her safe medicine, She’s gonna stop breastfeeding, too. Actually, At this time, the influence of the medicine on the baby can be reduced by adjusting the time of taking the medicine. It can be used when the baby has just finished drinking milk, Take the medicine before entering a long sleep. This will minimize the harm of the medicine to the baby. Because when the concentration of the medicine is at its peak in the mother’s body, The baby is sleeping, When the baby wakes up, The peak has passed, At this time, the influence of the mother’s breast-feeding on the baby will become smaller. In addition, Mom should also pay attention to drinking more water after taking the medicine, This is conducive to the faster metabolism of drugs out of the body. A full course of medication can ensure that mastitis is not treated repeatedly. Mastitis requires patience. Sometimes the more impatient you are, The easier it is to repeat. Many friends on the Internet asked me for help. It is said that mastitis recurs over and over again, What should I do? One netizen said that his wife’s mastitis recurred once every three weeks. In fact, There are usually two reasons for the recurrence of mastitis. One is that the mother’s breast-feeding habits are not good. Some breast-feeding mothers do not pump milk out at work. It is easy to cause breast duct blockage, If you don’t massage your breasts by yourself at this time, It is easy to suffer from mastitis. Another reason is that all bacteria are not killed when mastitis is treated for the first time. When many patients take antibiotics to kill bacteria, As soon as the sensory symptoms were relieved, When the fever subsided and the breast did not hurt, I thought I was well and stopped taking the medicine. However, in fact, the bacteria were not completely killed. They may become stronger because of the withdrawal and attack the patient again, thus mastitis will relapse. Usually, antibiotics are used to treat mastitis. The course of treatment is 10-14 days. Antibiotics must be used for the full course of treatment.