New Proposition of Efficient Pregnancy Preparation: Ovulation Test Paper + Good Mood

Principle of detection

In each menstrual cycle, Luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine will peak 24 ~ 36 hours before ovulation, Using ovulation test paper, it is more accurate to detect the same sex within 24 hours after LH reaches the peak level. It can greatly improve the chances of conception. The timing of the test is different for each woman’s menstrual cycle days. During the test, you can refer to the < < Ovulation by Cycle Test Table > > to find the date when you started the test. First find your menstrual cycle days on the table, Then find the corresponding start detection date in the [Start Detection Date] column on the next row. For example, If a woman’s menstrual cycle is 27 days, The corresponding start test date on the table is the 10th day, That means starting to use ovulation test paper to detect ovulation on the 10th day of menstruation, Take it once a day, Until the color of the red ribbon shown on the test paper gradually turns darker, When a darker color near the peak is about to appear, It should be tested every 12 hours until the LH peak is detected. Ovulation occurs within 24-36 hours from strong positive to weak positive. Normal women ovulate every month. When an egg matures in the ovary, Excreted from the ovaries, Sperm can survive for 1-3 days in the female reproductive tract. Sperm is transported to the fallopian tube to wait for fertilization. Sperm can survive for 1-3 days, However, the suitable fertilization time for an egg is only within 1 ~ 1.5 days after ovulation. Therefore, it is easy to conceive in the same room 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation. The use method is the same as that of early pregnancy test paper. The ovulation test paper also detects human urine. Urine can be detected within one day. But morning urine is usually not used, This is different from the early pregnancy test paper, Women should pay special attention. The best time to collect urine is from 10: 00 a.m. to 8: 00 p.m. During several consecutive days of testing, It should be tested at the same time every day as far as possible. Water intake should be reduced within two hours before urine collection. Because diluted urine will hinder the accurate detection of LH peak. There are no specific requirements for the container containing urine, As long as it is clean and dry. Operation method: Open the aluminum foil bag, Take out the test paper (note: Do not damp the test strip or touch the reaction film with your hand. The canned test strip shall be tightly covered immediately after the test strip is taken out). Insert one end of the test strip with arrow mark line into urine and immerse it for at least 3 seconds (note: the depth cannot exceed the horizontal line of the mark line), then take it out and lay it flat, and start timing to observe the test results. The result explains the negative result: a red strip appears, i.e. The control line develops color, and the test line does not develop color, indicating anovulation; Two red bands appear, The detection line was lighter than the control line, Indicates that LH in urine has not yet peaked, Daily tests must be continued. Positive results: Two red bands appear and the detection line is equal to or deeper than the color development of the control line. Indicates that LH peak has occurred. Indicates that ovulation will take place within 24 to 36 hours. Invalid result: When there is no red band in the control line area, Indicates that the test failed or the test strip failed. In this case, You should read the instructions carefully again, And retest with a new test strip. Note: Be sure to observe the test results within 10-30 minutes, The results after 30 minutes were not valid. Relaxation is better than all pregnancy promotion drugs. For many modern women, The expectation of the elders, the pressure of work, the worries about environmental pollution and food safety, etc., often make the pregnancy preparation process lack some due happiness and more anxiety. On Weibo, I once met a pregnant mother who asked me, “Teacher Ji, will oral folic acid tablets cause irregular menstruation, early menstruation and difficulty in conception?” ] My answer was: [There is no evidence that folic acid can cause irregular menstruation or difficulty in conception. Relax during pregnancy preparation, to let nature take its course, Excessive attention to menstruation can cause mental stress, Nervous emotions are not easy to conceive.] As you can see, Compared with the side effects of folic acid itself, I think her anxiety affects conception even more. Modern medicine shows that, If a healthy couple does not use contraception, The probability of pregnancy within one year is 80%, In other words, 20% of couples will have to continue their efforts in the next year. Don’t pay too much attention to the birth of human beings. Many women are in the long process of preparing for pregnancy, Because of the anxiety caused by the continuous failure of conception, This anxiety brings about no less fertility disorder than taking taboo drugs. For example, a friend of mine has always wanted a baby very much. Fearing that only basal body temperature would not be measured correctly, So we used ovulation test paper, She said she looked at ovulation test paper every day, The ovulation time was detected, After several failed pregnancies, Testing ovulation became the focus of her monthly life, Every day I think about using test paper to test whether I am pregnant or not, If the test is negative, the mood is very bad. I always think about this at work, Always feel very difficult day by day. I also feel that it is not good to be so nervous, but I can’t control myself. In fact, in the process of preparing for pregnancy, the mood is the most important, let nature take its course, mental state relaxed can increase the probability of success. If you have seen a doctor before pregnancy to confirm that both sides are in good health, then don’t always think about this! The baby will choose the most suitable time for him.