Men are the real [wash healthier]

Editor’s Note: We often hear the advertisement: “Washing is healthier”. In < < gynecological lotion, [washing is healthier] or [washing is more and more serious]? > >, we have learned that healthy women are not recommended to use lotion at will. In fact, this advertisement is very suitable for the majority of men in some cases.

Why do men [wash healthier]?

A large proportion of Chinese men have redundant foreskin and even phimosis.

How to judge prepuce is too long and phimosis?

If the foreskin can be turned up freely and the glans penis can be completely exposed after turning up, this situation is called redundant foreskin. If the foreskin mouth is too tight to turn up until the glans penis is completely exposed, this condition is called phimosis.

Around the root of the male penis, Sweat glands, sebaceous glands are relatively rich, and dense pubic hair is distributed. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene at ordinary times, it is easy to hide dirt and accept dirt. If the foreskin is too long or phimosis, the secretions of sebaceous glands in the foreskin are not easy to discharge, and the foul smell of foreskin scale will gradually form. The foreskin scale is very suitable for the growth of bacteria and may lead to balanitis or dermatitis.

For children’s phimosis, when cleaning, the foreskin can be slowly turned over every day to expose the glans penis. Of course, the technique should not be too heavy to avoid damaging the foreskin or glans penis. This method is helpful for the development of foreskin.

If phimosis still occurs at puberty, circumcision should be done in a regular hospital in time.

If men do not have the habit of cleaning at ordinary times, they are not only prone to inflammation, but also may cause vaginitis or cervicitis of the woman. Therefore, men’s [washing is healthier] is [hello, she is better].

Wash with what?

Some people say that it is OK to clean with ordinary soap and shower gel. Some people also said that women’s lotion can be used. Some even say that it is better to wash with diluted potassium permanganate or Chinese herbal medicine. Should how choose?

In fact, the cleaning principle for men is relatively simple.

1. Health

Under healthy conditions, it is OK to wash with warm water when bathing. The glans penis skin is very delicate and sensitive to chemicals. Some people feel itchy and uncomfortable when using cleaning agents, which may be an allergic reaction.

2. Dermatitis, balanitis or foreskin adhesion

First of all, go to a regular hospital to see a doctor. It is clear that after dermatitis or balanitis, you can use dichlorobenzene biguanidine hexane (commonly known as chlorhexidine lotion) and other self-cleaning. After inflammation subsides, if there is phimosis or prepuce is too long, it is recommended to do circumcision.

3. Ulcer in glans penis or penis

If the ulcer cannot be cured for a long time and even has malodor, you should go to the hospital in time to eliminate the possibility of penis tumor. In this case, simple cleaning is difficult to take effect.

Precautions for Cleaning

1. Water Temperature

Men had better choose warm water when cleaning their private parts. It is best to feel the water temperature is neither cold nor hot with their hands before cleaning.

2. Cleaning sequence

To wash the reproductive organs first, the foreskin can be completely turned up, the foreskin scale can be completely cleaned, and then the anus can be washed.

Step 3 Wipe

The order of drying is the same as the order of cleaning. To prepare a towel alone, do not mix with the towel for washing face or feet, wash the towel with clear water to dry after wiping, and often take it out to bask in the sun. You can also choose to rub the perineal area with towels, so that in addition to protecting the hygiene of men’s private parts, you can also promote blood circulation in the pudendum, anus and other places.

4. Self-inspection

Before, some people launched the “touch egg challenge”, this movement is mainly concerned about male testicular cancer patients. At the same time of cleaning the glans penis and penis, don’t [snub] the [balls], you can touch whether both balls are present, whether the size is normal, whether there is a lump, etc., which is of great help to the early detection of testicular cancer.


The nursing of male genitourinary system is not only as simple as daily cleaning, but also to develop good living habits:

    Cleaning should be carried out in time after exercise; Try to avoid wearing chemical fiber or tight underpants, choose cotton underpants with strong sweat absorption and good air permeability and replace them every day. Try to wear less jeans and tight pants.

Finally, remember: men are healthier when they wash.

Editor: Yidan