Metabolic Syndrome, the Main Cause of “Three Highs”

The word “three highs” must be familiar to everyone. Generally speaking, it means [hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia] and [the fourth highest]-high uric acid. These major health killers that endanger us are all related to [metabolic syndrome].

Metabolic syndrome can be considered as a “rich and noble disease”. According to the data of the United States, about one third of Americans have metabolic syndrome. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, the population suffering from metabolic syndrome in our country is getting closer to the level of developed countries.

It can bring various health problems, whether hypertension or hyperlipidemia, which will eventually increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and affect the long-term quality of life.

Let’s say that this metabolic syndrome, which is harmful to health and closely related to living habits, is what.

How do you know if I have metabolic syndrome?

Mainly look at the following indicators:

    Overweight, obesity: The main evaluation indicators are: BMI, If BMI ≥ 24, Is overweight, need to pay attention to control weight, especially belly big, waist thick people, more attention. Dyslipidemia: blood total triglyceride > 150 mg/dL, high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) male < 40 mg/dL, female < 50 mg/dL. Blood pressure: blood pressure > 130 mm Hg or low pressure > 85 mm Hg, or has been diagnosed with hypertension. Blood sugar: fasting blood sugar ≥ 6. 1 mmol/L or two hours after meal blood sugar ≥ 7. 8 mmol/L, or has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed with 3 of the above 4 indexes.

Why do you get metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is closely related to a change in the body, which is called insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that reduces blood sugar in the body. At the same time, it also regulates the metabolism of blood sugar and blood lipid. Resistance means that the body cannot use insulin normally, which will lead to obesity, abnormal blood sugar, blood lipid and blood pressure.

How does insulin resistance happen?

It is mainly related to the following risk factors:

  1. Too much body fat;

  2. Too little exercise;

  3. Eat too many carbohydrates, especially added sugar.

There are also some people who are hereditary.

How to treat metabolic syndrome?

We say metabolic syndrome is a disease of living habits, which should be treated by correcting living habits.

  1. People who lose weight, overweight and obesity must lose weight.

  2. Healthy diet, can see this article < < the most suitable diet for hypertension > >, also suitable for everyone;

  3. Take more activities and form the habit of sports.


If you need to take medicine, you should control it under the guidance of the doctor:

    For example, there are antihypertensive drugs for hypertension and lipid-regulating drugs for hyperlipidemia. When necessary, use drugs that promote the body’s use of insulin to improve insulin resistance.

In short, the medicine should be used according to the doctor. When it should not be used, don’t use it indiscriminately. When it is time to use it, you can also use it at ease.

Prevention of “Three Highs” is not the patent of the middle-aged and the elderly.

A 15-year study in the United States shows that overweight people have a full double the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes compared with better people. To develop a good body shape, one needs to start at a young age.

When you are young, you should pay attention to adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercise more and form healthy habits. When you get older, the probability of heart disease and stroke is small.

For the sake of long-term health, young people should take action from now on. Don’t wait for the young man’s head to be white and empty and sad.