Methadone therapy

Methadone is a kind of drug addictive substance. Addictive substances are also called psychoactive substances, and the most common are opioids, such as the well-known illegal substances called drugs such as heroin and opium, as well as methadone, morphine, dolantin and so on, which have medicinal value.

What are the differences between methadone and heroin?

Both belong to addictive substances, why is heroin the target of heavy attacks by police uncles while methadone has medical value?

Because heroin abuse can lead to, It will produce a strong sense of euphoria, And the abuser cannot get rid of it. Loss of personal and family functions, Crime is harmful to society. Methadone is a drug used to treat heroin addiction. The World Health Organization has listed it as an essential drug, According to narcotic drugs management. Its main functions are to reduce patients’ [thirst for heroin], reduce the chance of blood-borne diseases, reduce illegal drug trade, reduce illegal and criminal acts, restore their personal professional functions, family functions and social functions damaged by heroin, and be able to work, study and live like normal people.

[Heroin smoking does bad things and bad people, harms oneself and family, harms society. Drinking methadone is to do good things, be good people, be normal people, benefit oneself and family, benefit people and society.]

Drug maintenance therapy, Based on the idea that opioid addiction is a chronic recurrent brain disease, Methadone and other drugs are used to carry out long-term maintenance treatment for patients. Drug maintenance treatment for drug addiction refers to the long-term maintenance treatment for opioid addicts by selecting appropriate drugs in qualified medical institutions, so as to reduce their dependence on opioid substances and promote their physical and mental recovery.

At present, methadone is the main drug used in maintenance treatment in China. It can be used to replace opioids such as heroin, effectively control or reduce the withdrawal symptoms of opioids, curb the thirst for drugs or heart addiction, and enable addicts to maintain normal physiological state. In this way, addicts do not have to worry about where the next needle comes from, and have time to think about work and arrange their own lives.

In short, methadone maintenance therapy is a scientific and legal drug treatment activity.

Methadone is taken with antiviral drugs and antituberculosis drugs how?

If you are receiving antiviral treatment for AIDS, Attention should be paid to the effect of drugs on the blood concentration of methadone. Zidovudine, lamivudine and Shuangtaizhi have no obvious effect on the blood concentration of methadone. There is no need to adjust the dose of methadone. Nevirapine and efavirene reduce the blood concentration of methadone and induce withdrawal symptoms to different degrees. When the two drugs are combined, the drug increases the dose of methadone as appropriate.

If you are receiving anti-tuberculosis treatment, you should also gradually increase the dose until the withdrawal symptoms completely disappear and maintain the dose.

In short, before or during methadone maintenance treatment, the outpatient doctor should be informed of the use of other drugs in time, so as to adjust the dosage of methadone in time and carry out scientific treatment to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

I am an opioid addict and how can eat methadone.

If you or your friends are opioid addicts, If methadone maintenance treatment is needed, please go to the methadone clinic (designated hospital or mental health center or CDC) designated by the health department where you live, submit the application on a voluntary basis, and the outpatient doctor will evaluate whether it is included in maintenance treatment.

When submitting the application, the materials to be provided include,

· Application Form for Individual Participation in Drug Maintenance Treatment

· Copy of personal identification card or account book or residence permit

· Written material on drug abuse experience

· Relevant medical examination reports

· 2 1-inch bareheaded photos

Within 5 working days after receiving the qualified materials submitted by the applicant, the maintenance treatment institution shall inform the applicant in writing whether the applicant can participate in the treatment, and report the audit results to the public security organ where the maintenance treatment institution is located for the record.

The application conditions for HIV-infected persons are the same as those for non-infected persons, and there are no special requirements.

If there is a change in residence, it shall be reported to the original maintenance treatment clinic in a timely manner, and the original maintenance treatment clinic shall be responsible for referral so as to continue to receive maintenance treatment services in different places.

During maintenance treatment, should we pay attention to some what?

· Go to the clinic every day at the specified time as ordered by the doctor and take medicine under the supervision of the staff. It is strictly prohibited to take the medicine away from the clinic.

· Seek help from a doctor in the event of illness, pain or psychological abnormalities

· Seek help from an outpatient doctor in case of withdrawal symptoms, and do not use heroin or other opioids in private to avoid excessive poisoning or accidents.

The common side effects of maintenance treatment include constipation, sweating, increase, nausea, drowsiness, abnormal appetite, sleep disorders, headache, etc. There is no need to panic, and they can generally disappear with the extension of treatment time. In serious cases, you can seek help from a doctor.

· Actively cooperate with outpatient doctors to conduct urine morphine tests, blood biological tests (HIV/HCV/syphilis) and liver and kidney function tests on a regular basis.

· Naltrexone (including subcutaneous implantation) should not be used to resist relapse during drug maintenance treatment, while abuse of diazepam drugs and diphenoxylate tablets should be avoided.

You cannot stop taking drugs without permission. You must cooperate with outpatient doctors, make comprehensive evaluation according to your personal situation, and stop taking drugs under the guidance of doctors.

· If hospitalization is required, take the initiative to inform the surgeon that he is a patient undergoing maintenance treatment and indicate the dosage of methadone to be used so that the anesthesiologist can know the dosage of narcotic drugs to be used.

· Alcohol consumption should be prohibited in principle, especially in excess

· Break away from former drug friends and establish a new circle of non-drug friends

· Develop new healthy lifestyles and habits, and gradually develop new hobbies

Learn not to use drugs to solve problems when you are happy, angry, sad and happy, and learn new skills and methods to deal with problems.

May all babies addicted to opioids, with the help of outpatient medical staff and other relevant personnel, gradually change their unhealthy psychology and abnormal behaviors, establish new and normal life styles, restore the patient’s personal/family functions and social functions, and become normal ordinary people useful to society.