Moderate exercise is also a good way to control hypertension.

Some friends with high blood pressure know that when they suffer from high blood pressure, they are like [a bolt from the blue] and have never recovered from it. They like to stay at home and say [bye bye] completely with outdoor sports. Because they think: blood pressure will rise further after exercise. How terrible is this? Maybe there is still the danger of cerebral hemorrhage? ! Is that really the case? Life lies in exercise. Hypertensive patients who insist on moderate exercise for a long time, Through the whole body muscle movement, Can make muscle blood vessel fiber gradually enlarge and thicken, The collateral vessels of the coronary artery increased, Blood flow increased, Enlarged lumen, The elasticity of the tube wall is enhanced, These changes are conducive to lower blood pressure. Moderate exercise can also cause blood vessels to dilate. Blood circulation speeds up, It is beneficial to the removal of excess cholesterol and other substances in blood, Keep the blood vessels as elastic as they should be, Therefore, it can effectively delay the occurrence and development of arteriosclerosis, To prevent the aggravation of hypertension. Exercise should be moderate and everything should be measured. Too much is too much. For friends with hypertension, The most important thing in exercise is moderation. Moderate exercise helps to improve the antihypertensive effect. Some friends with mild hypertension may be able to restore their blood pressure to normal as long as they eat and exercise reasonably and do not take medicine. Of course, this does not mean that as long as they exercise, it is good. Friends with hypertension should pay attention to methods when exercising. Hypertension, how should they exercise? After the exercise, he was panting and out of breath. It’s not the effect we want to see. Hypertensive friends’ exercise, It should be based on the premise of ease and ease of bearing. In the course of movement, They can also talk with a smile on their faces, This kind of relaxing exercise, Many people call it “Smile Exercise”. [Smile Exercise] does not cause muscle soreness, It is not easy to make people tired, At the end of the exercise, There will be a cool feeling all over. Interest is the best [teacher], It is also the best motivation for you to stick to one thing for a long time. The same is true of physical exercise for friends with hypertension. Choose a form of exercise you like to make [painful] exercise interesting. If you are really not interested in any sport, here is a small way: you may as well match the exercise with the things you are interested in. For example, riding a exercise bike while listening to the news broadcast; Talking to people while walking; When shopping on the streets, you can walk when you go and take a bus when you come back. Those who live upstairs can walk up and down the stairs every day. In this way, you will feel much more relaxed, right? Responsible Editor: Jing Liu