Neck stiff, shoulder pain? Six Actions to Save Cervical Spine Health

Perhaps, perhaps, no one knows better than Dr. Clove:

1. Most shoulder and neck pains are caused by fasciitis and muscle tension of neck and shoulder.

2. Do not sit for too long during the day, but keep the correct sitting posture.

3. Be sure to rest on the pillow and sleep in the right posture at night.

4. Don’t always play with your mobile phone with your head bowed.

5. Be sure to do more exercise.

I know all the truth, and how?

The foreseeable future is probably…

Once there was a… healthy neck under my… head. I didn’t cherish it. I regretted it when I lost it. The most painful thing in the world is this.

Friends who also feel stiff neck and shoulder pain, follow suit.

Neck stretch

This movement seems to look the same as usual in PE class?

No! There are subtle differences.

You stare at this little brother and look carefully. He is not [turning] his neck, but there is a short pause stretching in each direction.

This has less pressure on the cervical spine than the previous [round rotation], but has better relaxation effect on the neck muscles.

Is it enough to just relax your neck? Of course not. Keep looking down, we still have…

Shoulder Wrap

Does this shoulder surround look [exaggerated] [affectation]?

However, for people who are often sedentary and have less flexible shoulder movements, this [large] shoulder winding is beneficial…

For example, let you immediately feel your back taut, your body wants to be correct, and your temperament becomes beautiful.

However, as a daily relaxation action, this action is still a bit [temporary solution but not permanent cure]… Let’s take a look at the action that can [permanent cure] like what.

Noodle shoulder stretch

This stretching movement is a deformation of yoga [cow’s face style]. Why is it called cow’s face style? It doesn’t matter.

What is important is that you need to be careful when doing it: don’t be quick.

Like the little brother in the above picture, slowly and slowly carry his left hand behind him, and then slowly and slowly extend his right hand over his head.

Follow my left hand and right hand, slow motion together, left hand and right hand pull a hook together. Keep 5 deep breaths, just… … …

What? You said it was too short to reach?

I’ll teach you a little skill… … …

Shoulder Stretch Simplified Edition

Find a towel (or elastic belt) and throw it behind you. It is still the same rule and the same action.

Slowly, slowly, slowly pull a hook… Keep 5 deep breaths to ensure the stretching feeling, and change hands to do it alternately.

Apart from stretching, is there any what that does not move to help him strengthen his muscles?

Of course there is (this way of asking and answering questions is really embarrassing).

Mechanical dance shoulder reinforcement

The body, back and elbows are all attached to the wall, turning the arms up and down alternately like doing [mechanical dance].

At first, you may feel uncomfortable with [other] efforts. You can slightly remove your elbow from the wall.

Then with the proficiency of your movements, you can be more and more strict with yourself…

Until you can do [mechanical dance] smoothly, the strengthening of shoulder muscles is in place.

The last, the last, and the most important point.

Pay attention to the adjustment of posture

No matter how good your training skills are, good habits will always come first if you want to have a good body posture.

Always remind yourself when you want to [relax]:

[Hello! You are not in the right position now! ]