Peas, green beans, green beans, Dutch beans… Who is who? What nutrition?

Summer is coming, and all kinds of delicious beans are on the market one after another, such as green beans, green beans, peas, Dutch beans…

Most of all, they are all green, but some of these beans and pods help you lose weight, some make you fat, some fart easily, some eat wrong and even become poisoned.

Dr. Clove will make a big revelation of the bean family today so that everyone can eat beans at ease.

Peas are the staple food

Mature peas belong to miscellaneous beans. They have more starch and less fat. The protein content is about 17% ~ 25%, the fat content is basically below 1.5%, and the carbohydrate content is about 2 times that of soybean, generally 60% ~ 65%.

Therefore, peas cannot be used to extract oil to make tofu, but they can be eaten as staple foods, such as pea yellow, pea coarse cereal flour, pea flour…

Fresh peas have a different flavor. Fresh peas, as vegetables, are rich in dietary fiber, green in color, fresh and tender in taste with a hint of sweetness. In many dishes, round turquoise beans are fresh peas, such as fried chicken with peas, fried beef with peas, fried carrots with peas, fried wax gourd with peas, fried yam with peas, etc.

People who want to lose weight can replace some of their daily staple food with tender peas, with good results.

Green beans are not peas

Although they are all green, peas and green beans are really different. The real green beans should be called [green soybeans], and like soybeans and black beans, they belong to soybeans.

As a member of the soybean family, the biggest nutritional characteristics are high protein (34% ~ 36%) and high fat (15% ~ 16%), so it is a good source of vegetable protein and belongs to [meat dish] in vegetarian dishes.

Although green beans can also be used to make bean products or extract oil, the most common way to eat them is as snacks, such as fried green beans.

< < Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents > > > It is recommended to eat 25g of bean products corresponding to dried soybeans every day. If you eat a handful of fried green beans today, that is almost enough. If you eat too much, you will fart and gain weight.

Green beans are vegetables, but their calories are not low.

Tender and tender hairy beans, pods are pale green with small short hairs, very cute and fresh. Do you think it actually looks a little familiar?

Yes, because hairy beans are fresh soybeans with pods, also known as vegetable soybeans, in other words, they were when soybeans were young.

Compared with soybeans, hairy beans are still relatively tender, with high water content, less protein and oil, rich dietary fiber, and sweet taste. The more you eat, the more fragrant it is. It is a very popular food or snack. It should be noted that although hairy beans belong to vegetables, their energy is relatively high. The calories of 70g hairy beans are the same as those of 1kg leafy vegetables.

As a young soybean, hairy beans also have strong potential to gain weight and fart… exercise restraint.

The broad beans are delicious

There is also a kind of green tender bean, which is the right time recently. It is fresh broad bean. It is the youth of broad bean and can be made into many delicious dishes, such as fried watercress with cabbage, stuffed watercress with ham, braised rice with broad bean and potato… Ah, saliva is coming down.

Mature broad beans belong to miscellaneous beans. It is used to make popular fried goods such as [strange smell beans] [jade belt broad beans].

These snacks are usually fried, so the taste is crisp and the energy is very high. 100g is two or three snacks, but the energy is as high as 400 ~ 500 kilocalories, which is close to a meal.

The broad bean paste produced in Sichuan is made of silkworm broad bean paste. The taste is really delicious!

Dutch beans are not Dutch

Dutch beans are crisp, tender and delicious. They are a variety of peas (so peas can be eaten from childhood to adulthood and are delicious). What we eat is the pod part. If you look closely, there are small peas in Dutch beans, which are baby peas that have not yet grown up.

Although Dutch beans are called Dutch beans, they are not native to Holland (the Dutch call them Chinese beans …). Common eating methods include raw, cold, stir-fried, garlic …

Although it is a vegetable, the calorie content of Dutch beans is higher than that of leafy vegetables. < < Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents > > It is recommended that 300 ~ 500g of vegetables should be taken every day, with beans accounting for 1/5 ~ 1/4 of the total.

Green beans are poisonous

The scientific name of green bean is kidney bean, which is also a common legume vegetable pregnant with bean baby. It contains saponin and plant agglutinin. If eaten raw, it will cause poisoning. Doctor Clove suggested that villagers had better blanch it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes to make it lose its original green (cooked) and then stir-fry or dry-fry it.

If you like to eat stewed, then don’t worry, it’s almost stewed. It must be ripe.

In addition to Dutch beans and green beans, there are many beans that can be used as vegetables, such as cowpea, knife bean and winged bean … If you are not familiar with all kinds of beans, it is safest to eat them when they are cooked.