Never wash your hair in the morning? Do you pay attention to the time of washing your hair?

Have you ever heard of such a saying:

Washing hair in the morning is not good for your health. It will douse [Yang Qi] and damage your health.

Is the consequences of washing your hair in the morning really so serious?

Shampoo is really a common thing.

In the daily cleaning of hair, is there any aspect of what that we cannot ignore? Listen to Dr. Chen from the dermatology department.

Morning or evening? Is there any time to wash your hair?

In fact, it is not so strict. The statement that washing one’s hair in the morning douses the sun is even more groundless.

Some people think it is the most pleasant to wash your hair after getting up in the morning and then start a new day’s work and life with refreshment.

Some people think it is most comfortable to wash your hair before going to bed and then get into bed dry and neatly to rest and sleep.

It’s all right!

If you already have the habit of fixed shampoo time, you don’t feel uncomfortable in shampoo at this time, and you don’t have to be subject to the so-called “what time is not good for shampoo”.

Of course, it needs to be emphasized here.

The water temperature of shampoo must be appropriate. Overheated water will relax the blood vessels on the scalp surface, while overcooled water will stimulate vasoconstriction. Excessive vasodilation or contraction of blood vessels will cause discomfort. For friends with cerebrovascular basic diseases, serious, may cause dizziness and headache.

In addition, after washing your head, be sure to remember to dry it thoroughly before going out or sleeping. Wet hair, moisture evaporation will take away the head heat, easy to catch cold discomfort, causing health risks. Pay attention to a little, can apply some conditioner after washing, after washing, thoroughly dry or hot air blow dry.

Can washing your hair every day lead to alopecia?

Shampoo does not cause alopecia.

Shampoo itself will not cause more hair to fall off, it just makes those hair that is about to fall off the scalp.

Generally speaking, normal people drop about 100 hairs every day.

There is a little skill to help you make a rough evaluation:

Gently grasp a pinch of hair with your hand, gently pull it, and repeat it 5 ~ 6 times in different parts of the scalp.

If only 1-2 hairs fall off at a time, it means that the hair is basically normal, and it is roughly estimated that the number of natural hair loss per day is less than 100. If there are more than 3 at a time, it indicates that there may be more than 100 natural alopecia per day.

If there is alopecia, the most common cause is not shampooing, but androgenic alopecia (also called seborrheic alopecia), alopecia areata (commonly known as [ghost shaving]), senile alopecia (caused by aging and follicle aging fading) or cicatricial alopecia, etc. As for the specific alopecia, professional doctors are required to judge.

How is suitable for shampoo frequency?

For people with dry skin, sebum secretion is insufficient. If you wash too often or use shampoo with too strong alkaline soap base, you may wash off the already insufficient sebum membrane, resulting in increased dandruff and dry hair. Therefore, for people with dry skin, you can wash it once every other day or two and choose a mild and moisturizing shampoo.

For people with oily skin, sebum secretion is too exuberant, so it is no problem to wash it diligently. It is also possible to wash it once a day.

How about dandruff?

In fact, as long as normal people wash their hair diligently, dandruff will naturally decrease slowly.

Dandruff is mainly composed of exfoliated scalp keratinocytes, sebum and microorganisms. To remove dandruff, one must start with reducing these three components.

Common [makeup name] dandruff shampoo, in fact, all add a kind of ingredient called [pyrithione zinc], this ingredient can inhibit scalp keratinocytes overgrowth, prevent excessive sebum secretion, and can control bacterial reproduction. Therefore, this ingredient can really remove dandruff.

In addition, shampoo containing selenium disulfide, coal tar, ketoconazole and other ingredients can also remove dandruff, but this kind of special shampoo [drug name] needs to be bought at a pharmacy, and you must ask a dermatologist before using it.

If you feel dandruff, it is useless to wash your hair frequently, or even mixed with symptoms such as scalp itching and erythema, look for a dermatologist as soon as possible. To find out whether dandruff and scalp itching are caused by what, it is better to deal with them.

Pay attention to these three things when washing your hair.

1. Pay attention to the posture of washing your hair.

When taking a bath, wash your hair by the way, but you don’t need to be deliberate in posture.

If you wash your hair with single water or with a faucet, you will inevitably bend your neck and bend your head to wash your hair.

If you bend your head and wash your hair for too long, when you raise your head, you will often make people dizzy and sometimes it will be dark in front of you. This is the result of poor blood flow in the neck and brain.

You can take a sitting position or a slightly bent posture, and do not let your neck bend forward too much.

Step 2: Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails

Some friends think it is cool and comfortable to scratch the scalp with fingernails, but this is wrong.

Doing so may accidentally scratch the scalp, causing some scalp inflammation, or stimulating and damaging hair follicles, causing alopecia.

It is recommended to gently rub the scalp and hair from front to back with the finger abdomen, which is better.

Step 3 Rinse the shampoo thoroughly

If shampoo remains, the scalp will feel dry and itchy, and the hair quality will be damaged, even causing hair loss.

It should be washed as clean as possible without residue.

The above are some of the most frequently mentioned questions about shampooing. Are you satisfied with Dr. Clove’s explanation?

To sum up, it is:

Shampoo time is not limited, remember to wipe dry after washing.

Shampoo will not lose hair, dandruff will be washed frequently.

Oil hair is washed once a day and dry hair is washed every two or three days.

Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails and rinse the shampoo thoroughly.

Be careful not to bend your head too low, and your hair shows your spirit.