Nine Things Should Be Knowing When Doing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance imaging has become an increasingly common examination method in hospitals, but the first time you do it, you are always afraid. Sometimes doctors may forget to tell you what to pay attention to and have not had time to ask. At this time, they feel somewhat uneasy. However, knowing the following nine things is no big problem.

1. There was a lot of noise during the inspection.

You may hear a lot of noise, like a percussion drill in construction, with a volume of 82-118 decibels, so it is best to wear earplugs in advance. Some people, especially children, may be frightened, so they need to take sedatives to be examined quietly.

2. The examination time may be longer than you expected.

The standard examination procedure is only about 15 minutes, but it may be lengthened to an hour. So you may as well eat something before the examination and be sure to go to the bathroom.

3. You may feel anxious.

Some people will experience fear or anxiety during an examination, similar to claustrophobia. So it is best to close your eyes before entering the machine and not open them during the whole process. You may as well imagine some interesting things, or people or pets you like. Some people need to take anti-anxiety drugs.

4. Remove all ornaments.

During the inspection, the strong magnetic field will absorb all metal objects and may cause you injury. Therefore, be sure to remove all jewelry, including ornaments on navel and feet.

5. Don’t make up.

Some cosmetics contain metals, which will react with magnetic fields. Therefore, do not make up on the day of examination, including nail polish, antiperspirant, sunscreen, etc. It is best not to use hair care products.

6. Let the doctor know about your tattoo.

During the examination, the pigment in the tattoo will heat up, causing skin irritation and even burns, and covering will not work. If the skin feels irritant during the examination, it should be stopped immediately.

7. May feel hot.

Under the action of radio waves, the body surface temperature may rise by about 1 degree Celsius, so some people will feel hot during the examination. Don’t worry at this time, keep calm.

8. Don’t move.

If you move during the examination, you have to do it again.

9. Don’t worry about radiation.

Nuclear magnetic resonance uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves, and there is no X-ray, so there is no need to worry about radiation risks.

In the process of medical diagnosis, if there is any doubt, it is best to ask the doctor to understand. If it is really the first time to do an MRI, boldly ask the doctor’s precautions, and never pretend to be experienced. Of course, it is also necessary to know more about medical knowledge at ordinary times.