No crabs, no Mid-Autumn Festival, how to eat crabs to applaud?

Autumn is the harvest season, all kinds of grain, fruits are bumper harvest, the weather also began to gradually cool, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day together, really not pleasant. This season, is also the season to eat goods. Of course, hairy crabs cannot be missed. Today, Dr. Clove will explain to you, a few questions about hairy crabs. Heavy metals exceed the standard? There are reports that heavy metals in hairy crabs exceed the standard, Foreigners don’t eat it. Indeed, The living habits of hairy crabs may enrich them with some heavy metals. Hairy crabs like to live under the water or in some caves. Mainly by eating all kinds of aquatic plants at the bottom of the water and near the cave, They also eat larvae of various insects, snails, shellfish, small fish and carrion. Is a typical omnivore. Is hairy crabs contaminated? First of all, it depends on whether the water quality and soil he lives in are polluted. In 2009, Suzhou University tested the water quality of Yangcheng Lake and Taihu Lake near Suzhou for heavy metal lead pollution. The results showed that the water quality and soil of the two lakes were quite good. Belonging to the cleanliness level, It is not contaminated by heavy metals. Generally speaking, At present, the living environment of hairy crabs in our country is still relatively reassuring, There is no serious problem of heavy metal pollution. However, There are some waters where hairy crabs need to be eaten carefully. If the waters where hairy crabs live are polluted by heavy metals, such as some nearby chemical plants that emit a large amount of various pollutants every day, hairy crabs in these waters may be at risk of excessive heavy metals. It is recommended that people do not catch and eat them. Crabs have high fat cholesterol? Crabs can eat two main parts: Crab meat and crab roe or crab cream, The nutritional values of these two parts are quite different, This should be said separately. 1. Crab Meat Jiangnan University has conducted a study on the nutritional value of male crabs. The study found that, The protein content of crab meat is as high as 18.9%, The fat content is only 0.9%. 80% of the protein of hairy crabs is in crab meat [1]. Protein crab meat protein is rich in glutamic acid (151 mg/g), aspartic acid (99 mg/g), arginine (99 mg/g), lysine (81 mg/g) and leucine (77 mg/g). Essential fatty acid crab meat also contains rich n-3 fatty acids. The ratio of n-3 fatty acid was 7.44%, The ratio of n-6 fatty acid is 16.43%. Crab meat is also rich in minerals, such as zinc, iron, copper and phosphorus, It is also good to supplement minerals. Generally speaking, crab meat is rich in protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is relatively healthy. 2. Besides eating crab meat, crab cream and crab roe are also our favorites. Hairy crabs are divided into male and female, and the white sticky crab cream and yellow hepatopancreas in male crabs; Among the female crabs, the orange and hard ones are crab roe, The yellow is also hepatopancreas. Crab cream is the male accessory gonad. Crab roe is the female ovary. Obviously, Most of the crab roe and crab cream we usually eat are the gonads and part of the viscera of hairy crabs. The protein content in the viscera of fat male hairy crabs is 12.5%, The fat content was 20.2%, More than 90% of hairy crabs’ fat is stored in their internal organs. Therefore, The crab cream we usually eat has a lot of fat, This is also the main reason for the unique flavor and taste of crab cream. The fat content of crab roe is also relatively high, It is obviously higher than crab meat, The fat content is also higher than that of other aquatic products, This is also one of the reasons why crab roe tastes delicious. Among these fats, Many are essential fatty acids that are good for health. For example, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid account for 8.4%, 3.2% and 4.6%. But compared with crab meat, Or the fatty acid ratio of crab meat is healthier. Cholesterol crab roe usually contains a lot of cholesterol, The cholesterol content in crab roe may be as high as 400 milligrams per 100 grams, Crab cream is similar. The cholesterol in every 100 grams of crab meat is about 60-70 milligrams. Overall, Crab roe and crab cream are delicious, and the proportion of fatty acids is reasonable. However, the total amount of fat is too high, and there is also a lot of cholesterol. Crab meat is relatively healthier than crab roe and crab cream. If there is hypertension or hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol, it is best to eat less crab roe and crab cream, and you can eat some crab meat appropriately. Once you eat crab, you have diarrhea? Many people say that they will have diarrhea if they eat crabs and drink a little wine. This may not be the fault of hairy crabs, Blame your cooking method. In aquatic products such as hairy crabs, It is easier to carry all kinds of pathogenic bacteria. When cooking, If the heating is not complete, Bacteria cannot be completely killed, Acute gastroenteritis is likely to occur, Causing diarrhea. Moreover, Many people now have irritable bowel syndrome, Is the intestines are more delicate, It is easy to have diarrhea when stimulated. Crabs are high in protein, fat and cholesterol. It is not the same proportion as our daily diet. Plus when everyone eats crabs, Generally, it is accompanied by a sumptuous meal, and also likes to drink a little wine, which is also a kind of stimulation to gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, many people will have diarrhea after eating crabs. As long as it is not very serious vomiting and diarrhea, generally eat a few clear porridge dishes and other easily digested things, let the intestines and stomach rest, it will be relieved.