No matter how good the painkillers are, there are also big problems with the wrong method.

Pain is one of the most intolerable symptoms in human beings, and it also has strong emotional effects.

Nasal obstruction and runny nose can be treated slowly, frequent urination and urgent urination can be treated slowly, as for pain… Cao Cao will kill people if he has a headache. If he has a severe headache, he can calmly say [nothing], that is a true hero!

In the face of pain, painkillers have become a topic that we cannot avoid.

Most people are most concerned about no more than two issues when taking drugs:

Of course, painkillers cannot escape these two problems. However, painkillers are quite special. In addition to the above two problems, there is a third problem-abuse of how?

Abuse of painkillers can be divided into three situations: use it when it should not be used, use it too much, and use it for too long.

Shouldn’t use it, used it, will how?

Not all painkillers have to wait for doctors to say [should be used] before they can be used, after all, what we are talking about today is over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers.

If the cause of the pain is clear and the drug has been used before, for example, women with primary dysmenorrhea take ibuprofen and the elderly with rheumatic pain take benolate, as long as the drug is used according to the drug instructions, there is no need to go to the doctor for advice.

However, if it is pain of unknown causes, especially [invisible and intangible] pain, such as stomachache, stomachache, etc., please never think of using a painkiller [to cure it].

Because the etiology of this kind of pain may be more complicated, if only painkillers are used to relieve the symptoms without going to the hospital for examination, the disease condition may be covered up and delayed.