Often hand pain? Probably got tenosynovitis

玩手机, 玩出[手机手]

Xiao Xuan is a new mother, My heart is skillful. I haven’t hired a nanny since I gave birth. In order to take care of the children and do housework without delay, Xiao Xuan often holds the child in one hand, Doing the housework at the same time, A hug is a morning. Recently, Xiao Xuan’s wrist bulged up a pea-sized bag, which was very painful to press. His hands were not strong enough. He could not hold the child and could not do housework. To the hospital for an examination, the doctor told Xiao Xuan that she had tenosynovitis of her wrist, commonly known as “mother’s hand”. It was caused by improper use of her wrist after holding the child for a long time.

First, what is tenosynovitis?

To understand tenosynovitis, Let’s first look at tendons and tendon sheaths. Tendons are tough tendons at the end of muscles. Strongly attached to the bone, It serves as a connection between muscles and bones, The tendon sheath wraps the tendon, and the tendon slides inside the tendon sheath. In daily life and work, frequent activities will cause excessive friction between the tendon and the tendon sheath. Aseptic inflammation such as congestion, edema and exudation will occur between the tendon and the tendon sheath, which is manifested as local pain and limited movement. We call it tenosynovitis. Second, by comparison, do you have tenosynovitis? The most typical manifestations of tenosynovitis are: stiff fingers and wrists after getting up in the morning or not moving for a long time, and improvement after movement; After exerting force, the finger joints will [bounce off] and straighten out. A bulge can be felt at the root of the finger or wrist, and pressing hard will hurt. The four fingers wrapped thumb do clenched fist posture, the fist to the direction of the little finger do downward pressure action, will appear pain. This kind of situation suggests, is likely to appear wrist tenosynovitis. Three, tenosynovitis preference these people common tenosynovitis is prone to long-term, continuous use of fingers and wrists: frequent use of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products; Tailors, cooks and other manual workers; Middle-aged and elderly women with heavy housework, etc. 4. How to prevent tenosynovitis tenosynovitis belongs to chronic strain diseases, and correcting long-term incorrect posture is the key to prevention. I love to chat about WeChat and play mobile phone games. If you can use voice input, you will type less, and if you can use two hands, you will use less one hand. Playing with mobile phones for more than 30 minutes, you need to stop to relax your fingers and wrists to relieve fatigue. I am my mother, how do you hold her? Try to hold your hands and try not to exert too much force on your wrists. If you can only hold with one hand, learn to let the elbow share part of the strength of your wrist in posture. It is better not to hold the child in one hand and do other things with the other hand, such as buying vegetables and mopping the floor. Wrists tend to ache over time. How can [maintenance] be better? Adhere to the hot water bubble hand, the appropriate temperature can let the human body relax, accelerate blood circulation, has the effect of relieving fatigue. Local massage in the sore part can also play a role in promoting recovery and relieving fatigue. Five, get tenosynovitis how to do? Treatment needs to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Rest and braking. Rest when tired, Local finger and wrist braking is [forced vacation], Ensure rest time, To achieve the goal of disease relief. After the disease relief, attention should also be paid to posture. Do not repeat the bad hand habits before the onset of the disease, Avoid recurrence. 2. Drug treatment of tenosynovitis is a sterile inflammation. It can cause local pain, If the pain is severe, Affect daily life and rest, It is recommended to use pain relievers locally. You can also take painkillers orally. This is a special reminder. Tenosynovitis is not an inflammation caused by bacterial infection in the traditional concept, Antibiotics are not effective for tenosynovitis. 3. Local closed injection therapy if neither rest nor taking medicine can relieve symptoms, Local block injection therapy is recommended. The dosage and number of drugs for block therapy have strict requirements. It is relatively safe. It is routinely applied to the treatment of tenosynovitis of wrist. Consult an orthopaedic, rehabilitation or pain doctor before treatment. 4. Surgical treatment If the above methods fail or relapse, Surgical treatment is recommended. The operation is to cut the narrow tendon sheath and remove a part of the tendon sheath so that the tendon can smoothly drive fingers and wrists to prevent recurrence. It is a radical cure for severe tenosynovitis.