OK mirror is so expensive, can it really cure children’s myopia?

Before the summer vacation, when I got the school physical examination form, my heart thumped: my son’s naked eye vision on both sides was 4.6!

Before, I found that he was looking very close and said that sometimes he could not see the blackboard clearly, but a month ago there was 4.8, which was really fast. But think of our husband and wife, each person has myopia of more than 500 degrees, and the children’s eyes are indeed good at reading and homework. It is not surprising that they have fallen fast. However, as a small 2-to-small 3 child, such progress is great!

So I quickly took my child to see a professional ophthalmologist. The doctor performed medical optometry after mydriasis with atropine and patiently explained: “Only when the” ciliary muscle “that controls the adjustment is paralyzed can the accurate degree be determined, because the child’s adjustment ability is too strong, and optometry without mydriasis is not completely accurate.”

My son loves swimming and basketball at ordinary times, It is also out of this concern that he has not been equipped with frame mirrors. During a meal, a friend mentioned that his child had been wearing OK mirrors for more than a year and everything went well. The key point is that the father of the child proudly told me that the three children they played with, the other two degrees progressed much faster than his son’s, and now the two children are also ready to be equipped with mirrors.

However, I also know that not every child is suitable for the OK mirror, and I have to make an evaluation before wearing it. Therefore, I began to learn more about the OK mirror.

Initial Experience of OK Mirror

The name of OK lens is [orthokeratology lens], which can correct vision by changing corneal curvature. Wear it in sleep and take it in the morning to ensure one day’s vision during the day.

After the son received professional ophthalmology examination and optometry, the doctor carried out relevant examination on the cornea. The result came out, the son belongs to the kind that is completely suitable for wearing OK lens! The doctor immediately determined the power of the OK mirror and helped us to try it on for the first time. My son’s adaptability was not bad. He wore it for the first time and his eye irritation symptoms were good. He also proudly asked me to point out his visual chart. He tried it on for 40 minutes and his eyesight actually reached 5.1.

Next, the biggest problem was that my parents helped me wear the glasses. At first, I was very confident, because I had more than ten years of rich experience in wearing contact lenses. Seeing the lenses, I felt that I could wear them for my son. But when I saw the doctor and demonstrated them again, I felt that the old revolution had encountered new problems.

Use of OK Mirror

1. Take and place with care

The texture of the lens of OK lens is completely different from that of contact lens. The texture is thick and looks very brittle. You should be careful in the process of holding it.

2. That clean intensity is suitable

The process of protein removal is complicated, especially the scrubbing process. Only when the force is proper can protein removal be effective. If the force is too strong, the lens may be crushed directly.

Step 3 Clean with cold boiled water

Cold boiled water should also be prepared for washing lenses, and purified water at home is not recommended.

4. Mirror Picking Skills

The lens is taken by a small stick, which must be firmly attached to the corneal lens and sucked again before coming down.

My son called me on the morning of the first day he was wearing it: “Mom, I can see the license plate number of every car coming now!” [Hearing this, think about how many more minutes a day is what for our [24 filial mothers]? What is more important is to face the annoying thing of [myopia] with children, which also makes children cherish the bright and clean world now.

We went to the hospital for follow-up in the first and third weeks after wearing it. The doctor also carefully examined my son’s cornea and watched the process of wearing it for my child, pointing out the deficiencies. After that, a monthly examination is also necessary, and six months later it is once every six months.

However, OK mirror cannot [cure] myopia, but only delay the process of myopia as much as possible. When the child grows up and the degree of myopia is stable, other methods (such as surgery) can be used to solve the vision problem!

Learn more about OK Mirror

Orthokeratology is a reversible physical correction method by wearing a specially designed contact lens with both rigidity and air permeability to change corneal morphology, thus reducing myopia and improving naked eye vision.

Many studies at home and abroad have shown that angle OK mirror can effectively curb the progress of juvenile myopia.

The OK lens is flat in the center and steep in the middle circumference. This design speeds up the shaping speed and makes the effect stable and continuous. Through the hydrodynamic action of tears, the cornea and the lens are sucked more and more tightly to complete the shaping of the cornea. The lens is made of high oxygen permeability material, ensuring the safety of night wear.

Who can wear OK mirrors?

OK mirror plays a certain role in slowing down the progression of myopia. Adolescent myopia patients are currently the main group using OK mirror in China, but the control effect varies from person to person.

OK lens is suitable for myopic patients who do not want to wear frame glasses or cannot wear ordinary contact lenses due to professional requirements.

Specific wearing requirements: over 9 years old, simple myopia or myopia astigmatism, the most ideal degree is myopia less than 450 degrees, astigmatism less than 150 degrees, beyond the above degree matching difficulty will increase. In addition, corneal topographic map corneal curvature, corneal eccentricity index and corneal transverse diameter and other parameters also have certain requirements.

Who can’t wear OK mirrors?

Similar to other contact lenses, OK lenses are not suitable for the following people:

    Various active inflammation of anterior segment; Untreated allergic conjunctivitis; Severe dry eye; Dysfunction of meibomian gland; Have a history of allergy to contact lens or contact lens care solution, etc.

To sum up, the eye surface needs normal physiological conditions before wearing contact lenses. For children, compliance and subjective initiative should also be considered before matching, such as whether they live in school or go to school, whether they are very sensitive, whether they are hygienic and self-disciplined, etc., which may affect the long-term safety and effectiveness.

Therefore, although OK mirror is a good thing for teenagers, it still needs to be matched with multiple factors. Everything has its two sides, and so does OK mirror.

Its advantages are:

    Can delay the deepening of myopia; You don’t have to wear glasses during the day.

Its disadvantage is that:

    Expensive; Parents need to spend more time and energy to pay attention to the use and cleaning of children’s lenses. There is a risk of corneal inflammation.

If you want to wear OK mirrors, you must go to a regular hospital, and strictly follow the doctor’s advice during use, clean the mirrors regularly and review them regularly. Both parents and children should always keep in mind that eye hygiene is the most important thing.