Old dopted mother has mineral oil? The boneless chicken claw is gnawed by? Five Truths about Food Safety

If you have a group of relatives, friends and parents who care about you, you must have received the news…

Shocked! You don’t know the truth of XX food.

The boundless merchants actually used this, 99% of them ate it wrong!

It’s crazy! See if you dare to eat in the future!

… …

All kinds of [shocking] news about food safety are flying everywhere, as if every bite of food we eat is poisonous.

As a wise eater, one must eat healthily, but one must not let any kind of food be wronged.

Dr. Clove will come to talk with you about the recent [shocking] food safety news.

Old dopted mother, chocolate contains mineral oil?

Yes, the goddess chili sauce, the old dopted mother who conquered the world, does contain mineral oil.

Moreover, mineral oil, a goblin, not only got his hands on the goddess chili sauce, but also hooked up with chocolate, and even got involved in almost all the foods we can buy.

There is a reason why mineral oil can be merciful everywhere:

    It is a kind of food additive itself, and chocolate needs its help when it comes out of the mold. It is a common ink component in food packaging materials, and it is inevitable that trace mineral oil will enter food.

However, the safe dose of mineral oil is very high, and it takes 240 kg of chocolate to exceed the standard every day. The average person relaxes. Even if you have young Xia’s bones, you have to worry about getting fat first.

Therefore, the old dopted mother can still be a goddess at ease.

Did the old lady suck out the boneless chicken feet with her mouth?

It’s too picturesque to look directly at chicken feet in the future…

In fact, boneless chicken feet are completely the product of the perfect combination of water temperature and knife work.

Cooked chicken feet, cool with running water while hot, make chicken feet crisp and better debone.

Then use the tip of the knife to draw a line on the palm back and each toe back of the chicken’s claw, hold the finger of the chicken’s claw with your hand, push it towards the center of the chicken’s claw, and the bone will come down.

Sounds a little troublesome? Skilled master this set of movements, don’t use a minute.

As for the old lady, let them go. They are still busy dancing in the square.

However, Dr. Clove thinks it is better to have bones.

Because the pleasure of eating chicken feet is not to chew it slowly one by one and then bite it into the palm of the treasure, is it the happiest?

Are spicy noodles made of cardboard?

Spicy noodles, as a net red in the snack industry worth 50 billion yuan, are actually a kind of pasta that many people cannot imagine.

Yes, it is the one that can make steamed bread.

Just because it looks a bit like cardboard, one cannot say that it is cardboard, which is too spicy for appearance!

Regular spicy noodles, although a little heavy in taste (more salt and oil) and not very nutritious, are safe. Villagers do not have to worry about eating a few occasionally to relieve their cravings.

But don’t eat too much, it’s really salty.

Is it plasticizer added to the noodles that cannot be cooked for a long time?

Noodles are not delicious if they are not sinewy, and when they are sinewy, they say they add things indiscriminately… This session of food is really hard to please.

In fact, there is a kind of protein in flour called gluten protein, which can turn into delicious baked gluten and is also the secret to make noodles more sinewy.

With the help of gluten protein, as long as the dough kneading technique is reliable and the noodle tendons cannot be cooked rotten, that is not a matter.

If your noodles are always cooked to a bad extent… you should practice your craft well, rub it for an hour and a half first.

As for plasticizer, it is a substance that helps plastic to make modeling easier and is added to flour…

Nothing will change.

Dr. Clove thinks it is better to add an egg.

Porphyra is made of black plastic bags?

Porphyra is far away from home and its highest goal is to be eaten by human beings. It has to go through a series of tests such as baking, soaking and boiling. As a result, it was said to be plastic because it grew black halfway. It was simply wrong.

Then why does laver play like this?

Porphyra, like kelp, contains a lot of vegetable gum, so it is tough. At first, it will be difficult to tear open, and it will soften after soaking in hot water for a while.

If you are not at ease, Dr. Clove suggested that you can burn it with fire, and the taste of plastic cannot be fake.