Once caesarean section, lifetime caesarean section?

After a cesarean section, there will be a scar on the uterus, which is medically called [scar uterus]. It is really not easy for the mother of the second child of scar uterus to choose how’s delivery method: do cesarean section again and worry about the risks of the operation; Give birth to yourself, and fear that the uterus will break open. It’s really tangled!

Let’s take a look at how pregnant women with scar uterus should choose the final delivery method.

To make a choice, one must make a trade-off and comparison. The content of trade-off and comparison should be to compare each other’s advantages and disadvantages. Comparing one party’s advantages with the other party’s disadvantages is easy to mislead and lead to unwise choices.

Both delivery methods have their own risks, and we always hope to choose one with relatively less risks and relatively greater benefits as far as possible. Then let’s compare it.


Here are the advantages and risks of the two delivery methods, which can be used as a reference when weighing the pros and cons.

Weighing the pros and cons is different from weighing with a balance. When weighing, the things are there, and you can clearly see the results. When weighing the pros and cons, the problems you have to consider have not yet occurred and are still unknown. In other words, you need to make a judgment on the [unknown] based on the existing information, so no matter how to weigh, no matter what [choice] you make, you still need to take [risks].

In addition, I believe you can also see that even if the advantages and risks are listed, it is difficult for a layman to make a good judgment.

For example, although the risk of vaginal delivery is not high, once uterine rupture occurs, it may endanger the life of mother and child, and pregnant women in different situations have different risks when choosing vaginal delivery.

After all, medicine is a highly specialized subject, and the situation is complicated and changeable. Therefore, don’t try to judge it easily by what you see in one or two popular science books. For professional problems, you should respect the suggestions of professionals and don’t take it for granted according to your own experience.

Responsible Editor: Ding Ruoshui

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