One sick and ten infected! Parents of children must be careful about these highly infectious spring epidemics.

Winter and spring change seasons, getting warmer and warmer day by day, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses are making a comeback. If you are not careful, adults and children are easy to win!

News is frequent everywhere, one child is ill, and 20 students in the kindergarten are infected with hand-foot-mouth disease:

From flu fever to intensive care:

Families with two children do not pay attention to isolation, and the problem of cross-infection of two children with influenza:

Some parents may think that this is a special case, but once it happens to themselves and their children, it is 100% damage.

Let’s first look at the data released on the website of the Health and Safety Commission, which are < < Overview of the Epidemic Situation of Legal Infectious Diseases in January 2019 > >:

    In January, there were 608,511 cases of influenza and 143 deaths. The number of influenza deaths increased 10 times over December last year. Among Class B infectious diseases, the top 5 diseases are viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea and scarlet fever, accounting for 95% of the total reported cases of Class B infectious diseases.

Influenza, hand-foot-mouth disease, scarlet fever and other diseases are highly infectious, and children are more likely to be infected.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as a child has a small partner who is ill, he may be infected.

As parents, all we can do is: prevention in advance, timely detection, scientific nursing and correct treatment.

Today, let’s talk about these highly infectious spring epidemics of children. Parents knew earlier that children suffered less.


Children under the age of 12 are all susceptible groups.

Influenza is highly infectious, coughing, sneezing, picking nose, rubbing eyes and kissing can all spread influenza virus, and the spread speed is very fast.

Judging whether a child has flu depends mainly on these two points:

    Sudden high fever with body temperature above 39 ℃; Systemic pain, obvious fatigue and mild respiratory symptoms, including cough, sore throat, runny nose, tears, etc.;

Attention should be paid to nursing and medication: oseltamivir can resist influenza and is used as an emergency temporary preventive measure for children under 5 years old, but cannot replace vaccination.

The most effective prevention is influenza vaccination.


Children aged 0 ~ 6 have a higher risk of infection.

Infectious is also very strong, as long as contact with chickenpox children, may be infected.

The most common symptoms are two:

    Fever; Rash (usually starts from the trunk and spreads to the limbs);

The following figure may cause discomfort, please check carefully.

Nursing and medication should pay attention to these 2 points:

    Don’t use aspirin to reduce fever in children, which may cause [Wright’s syndrome]; Don’t let children scratch chickenpox, otherwise it will not only affect scabbing, easily cause secondary bacterial infection, but also more easily infect others.

The prevention method is also very simple, one is vaccination, the other is to avoid contact with chickenpox children.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Hand-foot-mouth disease is an acute infectious disease with high incidence from April to June. The younger the baby is, the higher the probability of severe hand-foot-mouth disease.

Common symptoms are:

    Heating (below 39 ℃); Intraoral herpes (at the throat, inside the lips, even on the tongue); A rash;

The following figure may cause discomfort, please check carefully.

Attention should be paid to nursing and medication: although it is viral infection, antiviral drugs are not recommended!

Hand-foot-mouth disease is caused by enterovirus, but there is currently no antiviral drug against such virus.

The effective prevention method is to vaccinate EV71 vaccine.

The above three major spring epidemics may all be spread by droplets, with high infectivity and very fast spread speed. If a child is ill, all the small partners around him may be recruited.