Parents should be careful if the baby has a crooked neck in MengMeng.

You may see that many newborns always like to tilt their heads to one side. Some people think it looks cute, But this lovely posture should attract the attention of parents. This may be [congenital muscular torticollis], The reason may be that you are in the same position in the uterus for a long time, using forceps or aspirator during childbirth, Or the cause of congenital development, Cause neck side muscle spasm or shortening, leading to the head is always tilted to one side. Early detection, early treatment, generally will not have what sequelae. But if you can’t cause parents’ attention, after growing up may lead to facial deformities and cervical deformities, then want to treat again, it is very difficult. How to find torticollis in time? When the child needs to do some head twisting movements, it is easier to find abnormalities. If the child has the following manifestations, parents need to take the child to have the pediatrician check it out. 1. Always tilt the head to the same side, when the head is broken to the other side, the child will show resistance; 2. When eating breast milk, I always like to eat on one side and resist on the other. 3. When you attract him on one side, you like to turn your head to look at you instead of turning your eyes. The stimulation on the other side will cause distress or irritability because the head cannot turn over. 4. As the head leans to one side for a long time, the head will be slightly asymmetrical and one side will be flat. 5. Some children will touch an olive-shaped bag around the neck, which is caused by long-term contraction and spasm of muscles on one side. Will the doctor examine what? 1. Judge whether the child’s condition is postural or pathological torticollis; 2. It is caused by what and does not require surgical treatment? 3. If it is a congenital developmental problem, doctors need to check whether the child has congenital dislocation of hip joint and other deformities. How can parents help their children recover? Some torticollis can be relieved by physical therapy such as massage. The earlier the start, the better. Once confirmed, Treatment should be started as soon as possible. Generally speaking, Physiotherapy such as massage is best completed under the guidance of professional doctors. Parents should not do it without authorization. Apart from physical therapy, Some details in daily life can also help children: 1. When the child is nursing, Use the side he doesn’t like, Forcing him to turn his head with food. 2. If the child’s head always leans to the left, While he was lying down, You can make him face the wall on the left, He may have a sense of novelty about the movement coming from the right, So as to promote him to turn his head to the right. 3. When playing with the children, By making interesting sounds, As well as all kinds of toys that he is interested in to attract his attention, Guide him to turn to the other side. Many children under one year old can be recovered through physical therapy, but for children over one year old, or children with unsatisfactory effects through physical therapy, in order to avoid facial deformities and cervical vertebra deformities in the future, surgical treatment is still a better choice.