Five Rumors in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Have you been recruited?

Rumor 1: You can’t have children for half a year after taking a chest radiograph,

Truth: Chest radiography does not have much influence on pregnancy preparation. For this controversial point, the first thing to be clear is the concepts of fluoroscopy and radiography. Fluoroscopy is the dynamic observation of changes in the lungs, during which radiation has always been generated. However, chest radiograph is a still image, which is projected onto the film after instantly releasing radiation, so the dose received by chest radiograph is far less than that received by fluoroscopy. The first month of pregnancy (calculated from the beginning of the last menstruation of the pregnant woman) is the key period when external risk factors affect the embryo, during which the embryo can miscarry if receiving excessive X-rays. But if there is no miscarriage, The risk of other fetal problems will not increase significantly. The second month to the end of the third month of pregnancy is a sensitive period for fetal teratogenicity. In theory, Pregnant women receiving radiation doses of 5 ~ 15rad may cause fetal malformation. However, the radiation amount of X-ray chest films is very small. And the chest radiograph is not the most sensitive abdomen, Therefore, it has little influence on pregnancy. Therefore, even if I took a chest radiograph during early pregnancy, I thought I could have the child. Of course, During the first three months of pregnancy, unless necessary, exposure to radiation should be avoided as much as possible. Rumor 2: Cesarean section after pregnancy will not affect pelvic floor muscles. Truth: Pregnancy must have certain effects on pelvic floor muscles, even cesarean section is the same, but vaginal delivery will be heavier. Normal abdominal pressure will push the uterus towards sacrum and coccyx. Abdominal pressure increases in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, The waist protrudes forward, The abdomen protrudes forward and downward, Push the uterus down toward the vagina, Pelvic floor muscles will suffer fatigue and muscle strength decline due to the continuous action of pressure. Pelvic floor tension drops, Then different types of muscle fiber relaxation gradually appeared, Thereby presenting symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, Such as frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary incontinence, etc. Therefore, increasing the gravity of the uterus in the middle and late pregnancy is a chronic injury to the pelvic floor of the woman itself. Therefore, whether it is a natural delivery or a caesarean section, During pregnancy, Pelvic floor function has been damaged to varying degrees, Postpartum need to carry out a certain amount of pelvic floor muscle repair training. The recovery of pelvic floor function should follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress, timely and appropriate amount, and perseverance. Rumor 3: Cervical erosion is a very serious gynecological disease, Need surgery to treat the truth: Cervical erosion is mostly not a disease, There is no need to worry too much about seeing patients come from other places to see cervical erosion. All over the country, Sometimes I feel sad, Why does [minor illness], which is not a serious problem in what at all, become the heart disease of so many people? Cervical erosion is only an external manifestation, Most of them are physiological changes, Only a few are pathological changes. Physiological changes are essentially columnar epithelium migration caused by high estrogen levels. Presented as cervical erosion, After menopause, estrogen levels drop and the cervix is smooth. Just like growing a few [acne], there is no need to treat at all. Another part of the pathology may be caused by eversion of cervical mucosa caused by cervical laceration after delivery. Only a few similar manifestations may be caused by cervical inflammation, cervical neoplasia or even cervical cancer. At this time, it is necessary to treat the primary disease. The attention paid to cervical erosion is mainly related to the fact that many people think cervical erosion is related to cervical cancer (both can cause contact hemorrhage, And sometimes resemble each other in appearance), Coupled with the fact that a few people are exaggerated and misled by economic interests, It makes women’s psychological pressure too great and becomes [heart disease]. In fact, there is no inevitable connection between the two. The real prevention and early detection of cervical cancer mainly rely on regular cervical TCT (liquid-based thin layer cell test) and HPV (human papillomavirus) examination. Rumor 4: Elevated CA125 means ovarian cancer? Truth: The increase of CA125 is related to many factors. It is not necessarily cancer. Some women are very nervous when they take blood for physical examination to check the increase of CA125 (carcinoembryonic antigen 125). Do they think that if the tumor marker of ovarian cancer is high, they will suffer from ovarian cancer? Not really, CA125 is elevated in many cases in women, For example, CA125 is elevated in most patients with adenomyosis, In addition, CA125 will also increase in many cases such as ovarian chocolate cyst rupture, peritonitis and liver cirrhosis. However, it does not increase in some ovarian epithelial cancers. Therefore, an increase in CA125 was found alone. The location and nature of the disease cannot be determined. It is suggested that further detailed examination be carried out. Rumor 5: The truth that pregnancy can only be achieved through the same room during ovulation: Relaxation is more helpful to speed up pregnancy. Now it is often seen that many newly married couples detect ovulation by measuring basal body temperature, ovulation test paper and other methods. Instruct the same room, Think of yourself as a tool for childbirth, The whole life has changed. Personally, I think for young couples, It’s totally unnecessary, Planned pregnancies are more likely to cause stress, However, negative emotions such as nervousness will affect pregnancy. Moreover, having too many demanding sex lives may add a lot of burdens, making it impossible to find feelings, and will also affect your family life and happiness. In fact, we can see around us, especially the elders, many of the first births are adopted, while the latter are all born by ourselves. Some try to be pregnant for many years, Even a test-tube baby failed, However, after giving up the family planning and relaxing, I became pregnant. Many of my friends around me were pregnant in the same room when they thought it was absolutely safe. Therefore, I think I should still enjoy life fully. Maybe you will get unexpected happiness. The mechanism should be extra ovulation. Couples who are newly married or reunited after a long separation are most likely to have extra ovulation. The mechanism is that female ovulation is controlled by nerve and endocrine. When the spirit is excited, nervous, the living environment changes or the physical health state changes, Ovarian ovulation will be affected, Ovulation in non-ovulation period. This phenomenon is not much studied in human beings, but it can be seen that many mammals stimulate ovulation. Ovulation after sex is more economical and can reduce waste of eggs. Of course, for those who have a history of infertility, promote ovulation, or get married and have children only when they are older, I also support that ovulation can be detected to increase the chance of childbirth.