Parents should be gratified that three-year-old children learn to talk back!

Some parents asked: When I reason with my child, she always talks back and learns to scold her parents. How should I deal with this situation?

Why did the status of parents suddenly change?

First of all, congratulations to all parents who have been talked back by their children. Judging from the matter of talking back, children’s psychology has reached a new breakthrough point in their growth process.

Looking back on when we were young and before we were 3 years old, we all felt that parents were omnipotent.

Why not?

    [I] When I am hungry, my mother will nurse or paste rice. When [I] get cold, my father will wrap [my] body in thick cotton-padded clothes. When [I] cried, my mother would hold me in her arms and shake me gently, laughing and coaxing [I] to be happy. When [I] peed, my father would scramble to get rid of the wet pants and make them dry and comfortable.

Even, have parents ever thought that there is no concept of [I] in the small heads of young children?

Hungry-food is fed to the mouth, cold-clothes are wrapped around the body. From the perspective of psychological development, when we were young, we could not distinguish the concepts of [I] from [parents]: [I] is [parents (grandparents, grandparents or other dependents) and me].

[Talking back] is a sign of a child’s mental maturity.

Until one day, the neurons in the child’s small head changed and experienced growth. Until one day, the child began to realize: [I] is myself, my head, face, hands, feet, small belly and small fart, is my wish, my thoughts, my requirements, is different from my parents, a real [myself].

Psychologically, this process is called the formation of self-concept.

However, at the age of 3, how can I truly feel that I am different from my parents? I have been following my parents all my life (although it is only 3 years). What has done what my parents say. Aren’t I the same as them? No, I need to try and do something in the opposite direction to my parents! So there is the following scenario: