Pasta with tomato mozzarella for both babies and adults

I don’t know why, it seems that many people have the idea that the rice in other people’s bowls is more delicious.

However, the big money of the vegetable mother’s family is only 1 year old, and she is already very good at expressing the idea that [the food in other people’s bowls is more delicious]. Every time she eats, she is especially interested in the food of adults. As long as she sees that the food in the adult bowl is different from her own, she will look directly at the food in the adult bowl and constantly call [father and mother] to get the food of adults.

Every time I see such a scene, the vegetable mother is very disappointed. How can I integrate a lot of money of supplementary food into the family menu so that both babies and adults can enjoy the same delicious food?

So there is today’s ordinary [mozzarella tomato spaghetti], which is no longer ordinary.

How to make [Mozzarella Tomato Spaghetti]?

Preparation of ingredients

1. Materials

Spaghetti, tomato, white onion, mushroom, mozzarella cheese.

Step 2: Spaghetti

The size of the small round tube spaghetti is just suitable for the baby, and it is very convenient to swallow one bite at a time.

When preparing supplementary food for your baby, you need to soak it for 1-2 hours in advance and then cook it thoroughly. In this way, the taste will not be as hard and tough as traditional pasta, but soft, soft and glutinous.

3. Tomatoes

Tomato skins are not easy to chew, so tomatoes need to be peeled.

The recommended method is to boil the whole tomato in boiling water after washing. The boiled tomato is easy to peel with a gentle touch of your hand. After peeling, cut the tomato into small pieces for later use.

4. White Onions

Compared with purple onion, white onion is less pungent and sweet in taste, which is more suitable for babies to eat. Peel and dice for later use.

5. Lentinus edodes

Wash mushrooms thoroughly and dice them for later use.

Making Steps

1. All ingredients are prepared for later use.

2. Pour a proper amount of edible oil into the hot pan, add diced mushrooms, diced onions and tomatoes in turn, and stir-fry continuously.

3. After the tomatoes are stir-fried to obtain juice, add the cooked spaghetti and chopped cheese.

4. Turn off the fire and stir-fry with waste heat until the cheese melts completely, then you can take it out of the pan.

A delicious mozzarella tomato spaghetti is finished!

Nutritional Value of Food Materials

Step 1 Spaghetti in Small Tubes

Spaghetti is made of hard wheat flour. Compared with ordinary noodles, it has higher protein content and richer dietary fiber.

Moreover, the relatively chewy taste can also train the baby’s chewing and swallowing abilities.

2. Tomatoes, Onions and Mushrooms

Whether a spaghetti tastes good or not often depends on the sauce. However, it is not suitable for babies to eat traditional spaghetti sauce, but parents can make their own sauce suitable for babies.

Use tomatoes, onions and mushrooms to make spaghetti sauce suitable for babies.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, B vitamins and carotene, of which organic acids are helpful for baby digestion and are good appetizers in summer.

Onion is rich in trace elements, and allicin has strong sterilization ability.

Lentinus edodes is rich in taste-presenting nucleotides and is a natural food condiment. It can be fresh, fragrant and delicious without extra salt, and can cultivate the habit of eating less salt for babies.

3. Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese is a concentrated body of milk and is extremely rich in calcium. However, it should be noted that the sodium content of cheese is also very high, so it is only necessary to use a small amount and should not be ingested too much.

How old is the baby to eat

Mozzarella Tomato Spaghetti is recommended for babies over 1 year old, and it is also possible to eat it as finger food for babies.

The special sauce stir-fried with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms has a natural fresh flavor, which will never feel [light] even without any seasoning. The addition of mozzarella cheese not only enriches the taste of pasta, but also greatly increases the calcium content.

Moreover, the sour and sweet taste of tomatoes and their appetizing properties make this supplementary food especially suitable for babies with poor appetite in summer.

This is an ordinary western food, but the taste is not ordinary for babies. Moreover, the same materials and methods are also suitable for making adult food, so that parents and babies can enjoy the same delicious food. Don’t you hurry to practice such simple dishes? The vegetable mother’s family has already eaten a bowl full of money.

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