Periodontitis: A Sad Story of Immune Cells Killing All Sides

Periodontitis is caused by microorganisms in dental plaque. It is the chronic infection of periodontal supporting tissue. Periodontitis can cause inflammation and destruction of periodontal supporting tissue. Eventually causing teeth to loosen, Causing the teeth to be pulled out, Is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in our country. There is a data, You can feel it, In 1986, Several stomatologists have analyzed the causes of tooth extraction of more than 10,000 teeth. As a result, Periodontitis accounts for about 44% of the causes of tooth extraction. To say periodontitis, We have to mention plaque. [plaque] is a combination of bacteria in the mouth and substances they secrete to survive. Residential areas and canteens equivalent to bacteria. It is such a thin layer of more than ten microns. It can adhere to the tooth surface, between teeth or the surface of the prosthesis. It cannot be washed or rinsed off by water. It can only be removed by physical friction such as brushing teeth. Periodontitis may begin when this bacterial residential area becomes more and more prosperous. Why is it [periodontitis] instead of [periodontal infection]? There is a small problem, since periodontitis is caused by bacteria in dental plaque, why not call it periodontal infection? To really understand periodontitis, Here we must first talk about an important and often mistaken concept: [Inflammation] and [infection] are actually not the same thing. What we commonly call [inflammation], In fact, the two different states of inflammation and infection are confused. Infection, It’s just one of the inflammatory reactions, It is caused by pathogens (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.) invading somewhere in the body. Inflammation, It refers to the state in which the immune cells of the body gather to work somewhere. Most commonly, Of course, the infection king and the inflammation king get together, Opposite the bacteria. In addition, They will also gather together to clear necrotic tissue and examine suspicious tissues of the body-these have nothing to do with bacteria, but they will also show inflammatory reactions of red swelling and heat pain. For example, when the hand scratches the skin on the ground, it is found that the wound is red swelling and heat pain, and may fester in a few days. This is an inflammation, because the wound of the hand is infected by bacteria. Fall a fall, did not break the skin, the result of the injury or red swelling heat pain, this is also a kind of inflammation, is caused by tissue trauma. Therefore, only to understand the difference between infection and inflammation, can we correctly understand what is periodontitis, why periodontitis is so difficult to treat. Why do you get periodontitis? The nature of periodontitis is inflammatory reaction, Perhaps it was initially caused by a bacterial infection in the plaque, But that was not the case later. There are countless bacteria in people’s mouths. The number of large species and genera, Only beneath the gut. But with so many bacteria, For a long time, he was at peace with tooth and meat. Until one day, Bacteria in a lump of dental plaque killed a normal cell in dental tissue in a frenzied way. Before the cell died, it sent out a pile of cytokines. Brothers avenge me. Soon, The bacteria that committed the crime were killed by a group of immune cells that rushed to the scene. Originally, the matter was just over. This kind of minor conflict is too common. But coincidentally, or unfortunately, one of the immune cells with excess sense of responsibility reported it as a typical incident. The headquarters of the immune system felt that the bacteria were so arrogant that they had to send people there to prevent this kind of bad incident from happening again! You see, the immune system is finally getting high. Here, the pathogenesis of periodontitis is officially started. This makes things big. With so many bacteria in your mouth, which is the immune cell that can hold up! In the past, it was good to turn a blind eye and everyone was at peace. Once escalated to this hostile state, the immune cells stationed in the periodontal immediately fell into the sea of [people’s war]. Bacteria, endless killing; Immune cells are supported by huge logistics of the whole body. It is also one after another. The war is far from winning or losing. But this area of periodontal tissue is finished. Countless normal cells are involved. Lay down their guns one after another. Later, Even if there are not so many bacteria in some areas, Immune cells that kill red eyes still release inflammatory factors, Continue to maintain inflammatory response, Killing innocent cells. As I said just now, It’s called inflammation, With or without bacteria. So, Persistent inflammation is manifested by gradual redness and swelling of gums, retraction, The periodontal ligaments were destroyed, Alveolar bone is destroyed and absorbed. Periodontitis patients’ own feelings, Is the tooth flesh old bleeding, The teeth seem to grow longer and longer, loosen gradually and finally fall off. Summing up in the whole process, Dental plaque is only the “initiating factor” of periodontal disease. Once this avalanche pathogenesis starts, It is very difficult to be suspended again. Therefore, We think periodontal disease can only be controlled, There is no real cure. Only through regular tooth cleaning, curettage, Removing local pathogenic factors such as tartar and plaque, The number of bacteria in the periodontal area should be controlled as much as possible, Let the large group of immune cells stationed [calm down]. Every periodontitis patient has such a sad story behind it. Although it is estimated that they do not know it. As the masses, everyone has a basic understanding of periodontitis. It is the most important to cultivate a good awareness of regular oral examination. The rest, give it to a professional stomatologist.