There is no trivial matter in taking medicine: forget to take medicine in the last meal, and don’t find supplements in the next meal.

The correct approach should be: if there is still enough time interval between taking the medicine next time when you think of it, you can make up for the medicine you forgot to take in time when you think of it, and the medicine next time will still be taken at the original time. For example, if you take the medicine once a day (i.e. Once every 24 hours), you will find that you have forgotten to take it within five or six hours. Drugs taken twice a day (i.e. Once every 12 hours) are found forgetting to take within three or four hours. Three times a day (i. E. Every 8 hours), In an hour or two, I found that I forgot to eat, You can make it up in time. But if you think about it when it is close to the next time you take your medicine, Don’t make up for it. There are some exceptions that cannot be ignored. For example, some gastric mucosal protective drugs and hypoglycemic drugs, It needs to be taken before or after meals. For missing such drugs, Even if the time interval between the next medication is still long when I think about it, Also don’t need to make up, but should follow the doctor’s advice, eat before the meal, eat after the meal. In order to prevent forgetting to take medicine, you can try to arrange the most easily remembered time period to take medicine every day, for example, once a day medicine can be taken when you get up in the morning or before going to bed according to the drug requirements; You can also set an alarm clock in your mobile phone to remind you to take medicine regularly. Or make a record form of taking medicine, indicating the time of taking medicine, and take the bait at the corresponding position every time you take medicine. You can also buy a classified medicine box, This kind of classified kit is generally divided into one-week dosage, That is, there are 7 cells, Early, middle and late are separated by different colors. You can sort and put the drugs you want to take every day according to the quantity, If you suspect you forgot to take your medicine, you can check it. Whether you have taken medicine or not, it is clear at a glance how many times you have taken it, Avoid forgetting to eat or eating again. I often meet some foreigners clinically. They come to China for a tour, But because I came too hastily or too excited and forgot my long-term medicine at home, Or the travel plan has changed, the medicine is not enough to take, have to go to the hospital to see a doctor, ask the doctor to write a prescription to take medicine, waste time, money, also affect the interest of travel, very worthless. Therefore, remind friends who have been taking medicine for a long time, if you go out to travel or business, you must remember to take medicine, and you must take more to cope with the change of schedule.