Preface to the Opening Story of Pregnancy Week: Various Pits Encountered by Miss Zhou during Pregnancy

I’m afraid it’s rare to have such a bumpy pregnancy as mine:

After taking a lot of medicine, I was pregnant with the baby. When I was pregnant, I saw red and abnormal indexes. I missed the sugar screen in the second trimester of pregnancy. I had a heart problem in the third trimester of pregnancy. I found that the fetal position was transverse and the umbilical cord was around the neck. When I was born, I suffered from 20 hours of pain and a fetal distress.

Friends all joked that you should write a book, the title of which is called < < Look at my bumpy pregnancy, your problems are not a matter > >!

Rumors during pregnancy cannot be prevented and are too harmful.

Fortunately, Miss Zhou’s husband, Dr. Tian, is a doctor-medical school has been studying hard for 8 years, Harvard postdoctoral students have been immersed in another 2 years, and pediatric neurosurgery has been fighting hard for 10 years. The couple are surrounded by many medical authorities and reliable medical youth. As a result, Miss Zhou, who was born as a reporter, brought her [occupational disease] into full play-asking [why] everything and asking all kinds of questions related to pregnancy and childbirth to all medical experts.

Don’t ask don’t know, only to find out after asking, Miss Zhou and her best friends usually ask Du Niang, ask group chat, ask post bar, ask friends circle to get a lot of maternity knowledge, unexpectedly all wrong! Yes! Leave! Spectrum!

What’s more, due to the shortage of domestic medical resources, it is too late for limited doctors to save those critically ill parturients, and they basically have no time to explain these problems to pregnant women in the clinic. As a result, expectant mothers who can only rely on [Internet search + hearsay] to supplement their knowledge of pregnancy are really hurt by various rumors.

For example, buy a radiation protection suit and arm it as soon as you are pregnant. Another example is to take progesterone to protect the fetus as soon as you see red. For example, pregnant women cannot eat hairy crabs, longan and coffee. For example, eating more fruits during pregnancy is good for health. For example, cesarean section is required for umbilical cord around neck…

Reliable knowledge is not easy to come by and should be widely shared.

Therefore, Miss Zhou and Dr. Tian decided, I have experienced it, consulted the doctors around me, and studied the knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth through hard literature. Write a diary and share it with friends. The most important thing is that poor Miss Zhou has almost experienced these “pits” that may have problems during pregnancy. No wonder some friends said, “Doctor and girl, you are really close to each other on the way to popularize science in pregnancy and childbirth.”

Since this popular science is not easy to come by, it should be seen by more people. Fortunately, there is the platform [Clove Mother], which is as rigorous and reliable as a doctor, and as interesting and emotional as Wen Qing. Most importantly, Dr. Tian and Miss Zhou are quite consistent with the concept of this platform-they vowed to fight to the end with those pernicious knowledge of maternity.

Ten months of pregnancy and childbirth experience, the true story of eighty-one difficult, and the [private] views of many medical experts are shared with you on [Clove Mother].

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

Author: Zhou Shaoren