Weekly Records of Pregnancy and Delivery (1): When will you go to the hospital to give birth?

Should what go to the hospital? This is a headache for almost every inexperienced expectant mother.

Is what in labor?

The obstetrician’s description is always simple and clear: [If you have regular uterine contraction, broken water or red, you can come to the hospital.] Plus, you have a charge: [If you break water, remember to call an ambulance, lie down and come as soon as possible.]

Is what regular contractions? Is breaking water what’s feeling? How much red do you see?

After listening to the doctor’s explanation in the clinic, more questions arose in my mind. In fact, after 39 weeks, I was really very [neurotic].

For example, when you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, because your bladder is squeezed, you often urinate for a while, stop for a while, and continue urinating for a while. At this moment, you will worry, will the last part be amniotic fluid? Therefore, at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, Dr. Tian was called up and turned over < < Obstetrics and Gynecology > >.

For example, I am often particularly sensitive to some strange feelings in my small abdomen-such as the feeling of fullness in pulling a baby, the small tingling pain that flashes by, etc. Are these uterine contractions? Still always wake up in the middle of the night, afraid of uterine contraction in his sleep, but he didn’t feel it. Dr. Tian, who was woken up late at night, had a black line on his face: “If the uterine contraction is regular, the pain is so painful that you can’t sleep at all, how can it happen quietly in his sleep?” ]

Dr. Tian, whose sleep was always disturbed, finally found his colleague Dr. Gao and gave Miss Zhou a detailed explanation:

    “Regular contractions: There are two or three contractions every 10 minutes, And the pain will not be relieved by physical activity, Is regular contractions, You can go to the hospital. Other irregular contractions, contractions that can be relieved by walking, It’s all [false contractions], Don’t care too much. Broken water: There was an uncontrollable flow of water from the vagina, And there is no irritant taste like urine, is broken water. See red: see a little red even see red, but not must go to the hospital immediately, generally see red after 24 ~ 48 hours will give birth. However, see red bleeding volume is generally less than menstruation, color to dark, if bleeding like menstruation as much, so bright red, must go to the hospital immediately.

Irregular contractions, very irregular

March 27, Nine days before the due date, At 10 o’clock in the evening, Miss Zhou was leaning on the sofa in her bedroom reading happily. Suddenly there was a strange feeling in the lower abdomen. This kind of feeling has never appeared before. Some of them are tight and make people flustered. After about 10 seconds, they disappeared. At that time, I didn’t care. After more than 10 minutes, the second such feeling came again. At this moment, Miss Zhou suddenly thought: Is this uterine contraction?

I wanted to experience it carefully again, and I waited until 11: 30 p.m. And the similar feeling never appeared again.

[Irregular contractions! It’s okay! Go to bed! After hearing the description, Dr. Tian came to a simple and crude conclusion.

Irregular contractions have come. Will childbirth be far behind? Miss Zhou cancelled all her plans to go out and only took a walk in the community garden at the farthest.

After 3 days, the frequency and intensity of uterine contraction did not change. Miss Zhou was a little agitated: [why haven’t you come yet, haven’t you come yet…] I believe this is also a [required course] for every pregnant woman approaching the expected date of delivery.

On April 1, contractions became every half hour or so. Miss Zhou thought, “Don’t be born on April Fool’s Day.” As a result, the day passed safely.

On 2 April, In the evening, there was a contraction every 7 or 8 minutes. And finally saw red: Only a little bit, smaller than Zhu Shazhi red dots. That night, the contractions were maintained at a frequency of 7-15 minutes, each lasting for about 1 minute. Although it was not very painful, the feeling of falling and swelling in my lower abdomen still prevented me from falling asleep. However, just as I was preparing to welcome a bigger wave of contractions in the morning and headed for the hospital against the rising sun, it gradually stopped.

At 4: 00 p.m. on April 3, there was another contraction every 7 or 8 minutes, but the intensity was greatly increased, and the pain was no longer relieved by physical activities until 9: 00 p.m.

[To be on the safe side, go to the hospital,] Dr. Tian thinks.

Call to ask Dr. Gao, she also felt that she should go to the hospital. Therefore, the night before the small long vacation, Dr. Tian took her mother-in-law, Miss Zhou and her sister-in-law, and dragged large bags of [waiting for delivery series of packages] into the emergency department of Concorde International.

Zhou Dafu, who was on duty on that day, came to the emergency department from the ward to do fetal heart monitoring and internal examination for me. Fetal heart monitoring shows that uterine contraction is indeed about once every 7 or 8 minutes, each time lasting for about 1 minute. However, the subsequent vaginal internal examination found that the uterine orifice was not opened and the cervix was still 1 cm and did not disappear.

When to go to the hospital, the doctor also don’t know

[Does this mean what? How long will it take? ] Miss Zhou was lying on the emergency examination bed and asked Dr. Zhou.

Zhou Dafu said, [But there is really no answer. The only thing that can be done is to observe. Some people only felt slightly, and when they arrived at the hospital, they found that they had already reached three fingers. Others only need 2 hours from feeling to living. There are also some people who are dying of pain and come here to find that the uterus has not yet opened. You like this, may soon be born tonight; It is also possible that after hospitalization, the mood relaxes, the contractions are relieved, then they fall asleep, and then there is no regular contractions all the time, then they are discharged from the hospital and go home to continue waiting…]

Well, in this age when even earthquakes can be accurately predicted, it is such a difficult question to answer that what can have babies. However, it is also difficult to give a standard answer to the question that what should go to the hospital.

Miss Zhou finally understood that the only rule in obstetrics is-no rule! ! ! !

In this way, girl, I was admitted to the maternity ward. That night, the 7-minute contractions lasted until 5 a.m. Then, the regular contractions disappeared again!

Well, who said [there is a doctor in the family, such as a treasure]? Who said that as a doctor’s daughter-in-law, she would definitely be able to accurately grasp the timing of giving birth to a child and being admitted to hospital? Keng Niang!

The next day, throughout the day, the uterine contraction did not come to the [banquet] as promised. I asked the doctor on duty to leave the hospital for the bored girl.

[No problem, but I suggest you leave the hospital tomorrow morning. The baby will start suddenly at night, and the situation will be more stable during the day. OK? The doctor on duty pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose, seriously.

[No problem! I began to think happily about my happy life after returning home and wandering around the garden.

I listened to the doctor on duty. Who would have thought that at 11 o’clock that night, Miss Zhou, who was preparing to have a good sleep and then packed up to go home, had broken the water!

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

Author: Zhou Shaoren