Pregnant Dad School: After learning the good news, have you made these preparations?

To be honest with me, when your daughter-in-law tells you [I may be pregnant], is your mind frightened or frightened?

After the shock passed, was there only be in heaven that could not be stopped? In contrast, are such things as winning the team you support, buying the first car cruelly, and the boss giving you a raise and promotion too childish?

If you still have some worries in your heart, don’t panic. In order to pass the first month of pregnancy smoothly with your wife, you need to do the following.

Take the time to enjoy the world of two

With the [third party] in your belly, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy the two-person world next-carefully calculate, perhaps in the next year and a half.

However, you have to always remember that carrying a baby in your stomach is completely different from carrying an extra piece of luggage.

Your wife may become easily tired, uncomfortable, or difficult to adapt to the new environment. Don’t think she looks as if she is not pregnant, but she can really feel the changes mentioned above. Don’t make fun of her or think she is [pretending], because doing so will really make people angry!

If you feel uncomfortable, stay in the house/hotel and rest. You came out to enjoy the world of two, right? The original arrangement and plan will be discussed next time.

By the way, there is also a more annoying point that her sense of smell may become particularly sensitive, and some foods will feel nauseous when smelling them.

Therefore, promise me that if my wife says that she is not used to smelling it, even if you yearn for the egg cub that will always queue up, we will walk around, ok?

Deal with [a realistic problem]

I guess, even if you don’t say it, you will take the initiative to calculate the following things: vacation, expenditure, commuting time adjustment or not.

1. How many days do you have [maternity leave]?

You and your wife should confirm this information clearly.

You can find out by asking colleagues in the personnel department or looking at the employee handbook. Different regions and units of different natures have different regulations in this regard.

Do these holidays need to be used as what?

On the one hand is to accompany his wife to do prenatal examination, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, belly big, pregnant father if can spare time to accompany her, that is really a big help. On the other hand is just born that a few days, she may be very weak, need people to take care of and help.

In addition, if there are some unexpected conditions during pregnancy, the pregnant father may need to use these holidays to accompany him.

Is there enough money in the family?

Next, maternity clothes and newborn products may bring a lot of expenses. Talk to your wife and find out about the relevant information about this aspect of consumption. How much budget is probably needed-don’t underestimate, in the future, your home will add a lot of things that you haven’t even heard of before, and money will flow out like running water…

Of course, there are some things that don’t need to be bought. This article introduces two piles of things that should be bought and shouldn’t be bought respectively. For the sake of quality of life, please carefully understand and control the hands of your wife (who should have chopped off long ago).

If this future expenditure affects the daily expenses of the family, you two’d better talk about all possible situations now, but don’t really use quarrels to solve the problem if the quality of life is affected in the future.

Do you need to change your job?

For most-most pregnant fathers, this possibility is too unrealistic, but if possible, please consider it.

After pregnancy, my wife certainly hopes that you will accompany her often and do not have to take care of her in the saddle, but the idea of [work and livelihood are more important than mine] will be magnified at this time, and she will really have a hard time.

Give more emotional support, such as making a phone call often. No matter how tired she is when she comes home, she will talk to her. If she wishes, she will massage her shoulders and back what. Believe me, even if your work is tired again, she will feel worse than you at this stage.

Are you ready to tell anyone?

Is it especially exciting that many people flash through my mind and want to share the good news with them?

Endure, endure first. On this matter, you’d better unify: when what announced it to the public? Who did you tell first?

You should not only consider this [happy event], but also consider:

    Will you be rejected by your small group? The situation in the first three months is not stable. Do you want to wait until this stage has passed before making it public? Will the person you plan to share the secret be a big horn?

You may have to be prepared to say [I am preparing for pregnancy] so that you can continue to be [young people], and once you say [I (she) am pregnant], you may be pushed out of some circles by a mysterious force…

Summary: Practical Suggestions for the First Month

1. She will feel sleepy, sick and miserable… Please understand

Although she can’t see it, her body is undergoing changes. She may not feel well, please try your best to understand her and don’t dwell too much on [arrangement] [plan].

2. Prepare for the coming [test]

In the next month or two, your relationship may go through some tests, mainly due to her new [emotion amplifier]-but this is definitely not her fault.

Do some preparatory work in advance, be romantic, take her out to enjoy the world of two people, talk about the process of your acquaintance and love, and recall together that what attracted you together. Why can you [love is stronger than gold]-do you understand? This is a dose of vaccination. For your happiness in the next few weeks, please be romantic.

3. Advice on [real life]

There are some [realities of life] that you need to manage well with her, including understanding maternity leave and the number of days off, making a budget for income and expenditure, thinking about the possibility of adjusting commuting time, etc. If you deal with these issues properly, you can avoid some big and small quarrels in the future.

4. Please be sure to discuss this issue.

Have you decided to tell the people around you? You’d better discuss this matter together, respect each other’s opinions, and consider the possible consequences.

5. Practice the waist and back massage technique hard!

Volunteer to rub her back and start practicing from now on. In the next few months, she really needs you to do so. It will be too late to practice again at that time.

If you can smear a little olive oil from the beauty salon [stealing the teacher] and press it again, what may be very surprised!

By the way, what’s plant essential oil is best used with caution. She may not be able to stand the smell.

6. Be considerate of dog noses that are prone to retching.

Yes, she may have a dog nose. You are the cutest one who does not smoke or drink. But if you don’t smoke or drink, It’s best to keep it. She can really smell it, and [third-hand smoke] is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses. Well, don’t secretly eat hot pot or barbecue what, just take her with you, what a good reason not to drink. Oh, if she doesn’t like the smell, you can bear it, just for a few months… can you bear to watch her just sit down and flush back to the toilet?

7. She is not refusing you, she is just uncomfortable.

Finally, there is a possibility that she doesn’t want to be touched. It’s not against you. When she refuses, she is refusing something that makes her body feel more uncomfortable, not you. Don’t be angry about it! Think back to a particularly serious flu. Do you feel painful when touched on your skin? Don’t worry, there is a time limit for this stage, it will pass.