Prevention of Gastric Cancer: The sooner HP is eradicated, the better.

Helicobacter pylori (HP) is a pathogenic bacterium of gastric cancer, and the anti-cancer effect of eradicating HP has been paid attention to in recent years.

Japan’s Fukuda Municipal Hospital reported 1222 patients with peptic ulcer, After HP eradication (the criteria for successful eradication therapy are: Bacterial culture, rapid urease test and breath test are negative), Endoscopic monitoring is done once a year. The results show that 1030 patients were successfully eradicated (successful eradication group), 192 failed (eradication failure group). The eradication failure group received eradication treatment again after a follow-up of about 4.4 years. In the successful eradication group, 21 cases (0.21%/year) developed gastric cancer, There were 9 cases (0.45%/year) of gastric cancer in the failed eradication group. The risk of cancer in the former was significantly lower than that in the latter. The longest interval (from the completion of eradication therapy to the onset of gastric cancer) in the successful eradication group was 14.5 years. The failure group was 13.7 years. The study confirmed that HP eradication therapy can maintain the preventive effect of gastric cancer for at least 10 years. For ulcer patients, Young age and mild atrophy of gastric mucosa are important influencing factors of preventive effect. The longer HP exists in gastric mucosa, The wider the scope of gastric mucosal atrophy, The more severe it is, the team recommends that HP be eradicated as soon as possible before gastric mucosa atrophy, This is the most effective way to prevent cancer. However, researchers also found that HP eradication does not completely prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer. Some patients still have gastric cancer 10 years after HP eradication. Therefore, more in-depth research is still needed in the future to determine how to follow up patients who have eradicated HP and how to detect gastric cancer at an early stage.The author of this article [Kingz 1025], originally from Clove Garden, is slightly abridged.