Protect baby’s skin and teeth

Skin care

The skin of newborns is thin and delicate, Unable to withstand direct sunlight, Especially in hot months and between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. If necessary, Please bring a hat with a wide brim to cover the baby’s face. In winter, Make sure to keep your baby warm, Cover the baby’s skin with clothes as much as possible to prevent frostbite. To keep the room moist, Humidifiers can be used, However, it is important to ensure that the humidifier is clean to prevent mold from breeding and causing respiratory tract infection. Nail Care Although the fingernails of newborns are very soft and delicate, But if the baby is used to scratching, His fingernails will still hurt the baby’s face. Therefore, It is very important to trim your baby’s nails neatly. When using nail clippers to trim your baby’s nails, Put his fingertips away from his nails, To avoid cutting the baby’s fingers. If you are not at ease or skilled, Try to trim your baby’s nails with a nail sand file. Baby’s nails are growing much faster than expected. It may be necessary to trim your baby’s fingernails every 1 or 2 weeks. Dental care Although the newborn baby has no teeth yet, But this is still a good time for dental care. Simply dip a piece of gauze with some water, Wipe along the baby’s gums, Try to do it once a day after the baby’s last feeding. Some newborns may be born with 1-2 teeth. In this case, After the first and last feeding, Please use a soft baby toothbrush to brush your teeth. For babies less than 6 months old, Toothpaste is not necessary, Regular use of toothpaste can sometimes lead to excessive fluoride. Also, don’t give your baby a pacifier at night. Don’t let your baby sleep with the bottle, which may cause permanent damage to your baby’s teeth. If your baby becomes dependent on drinking milk at night, please change the milk in the bottle into water. Photo source: