Want to lose weight? Don’t sit after exercise

If you want to lose weight or keep fit, good habits after exercise are as important as exercise itself and can even make you get twice the result with half the effort. Bad habits may burn your exercise results. Here are five common mistakes after exercise to see if you have made them.

Error 1: Eat after exercise

There is a saying in the fitness world that “three points practice and seven points eat”, which is enough to illustrate the importance of diet to keep fit. Nutritionists suggest that proper protein and carbohydrate supplementation after exercise can supplement energy and help the body recover.

But how do most people do it? They feel that after exercise, they should eat a lot and treat themselves well. Little imagine, this will make your efforts in exercise go to waste.

Error 2: Do not stretch after practice

Most people feel that since stretching doesn’t burn energy, it is also a waste of time, especially during group classes in the gym. At the end of the stretching relief, these people leave to take a bath. This is definitely not desirable.

Stretching after exercise is very important to protect joints and prevent injuries. Can let muscle fully relax, relieve muscle soreness after exercise. Stretching action can also let you relax, promote sleep at night. For girls who don’t want to develop large muscles, stretching can make hyperemia spasm muscles fully stretch, prevent the appearance of hard and strong muscle blocks, so that muscles form good-looking lines.

Therefore, after each exercise, at least 10-15 minutes of stretching exercise should be arranged.

Error 3: Lie still after exercise

This is the most common mistake. Many people lie motionless on the sofa after exercise and feel that they need a long rest to recover.

It is true that you need rest after exercise, because your body needs to return to its normal state from the [burning] state during exercise, but this rest is by no means a stationary lying down.

The correct way to rest should be to walk back and forth. This has two advantages: 1. It can protect the joint and keep it flexible; 2. Burn more calories. For a period of time after exercise, the body is still in a high metabolic state. If you can make efficient use of this period of time, you can even burn as much calories as when you exercise.

Error 4: Don’t make records after exercise,

How do you feel after each exercise? Exhausted but cool, or did you feel relaxed and finish the plan?

Record how you feel after each exercise. It can make you feel more fulfilled and more persistent. When you need to adjust your exercise plan, your exercise log is the best reference material. Especially when your weight or body shape has not improved for a long time and there is a so-called “plateau period”, it is easier to find out what the problem is if you have a log.

The sports log should include:

1. The items you exercise (number, weight, time).

2. Feeling at the beginning and the end.

3. Do you find it difficult to complete these sensations?

4. Do you feel good after practice?

5. Diet and supplements such as protein powder should also be recorded.

Error 5: Exercise without Plan

Unplanned exercise may make you exercise only one part for a long time, or even make no progress for a long time. The best way to lose weight is to keep the diversity of sports and ensure the combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

It is best to make a plan for the next exercise according to the results and feelings of this exercise after each practice. This can be done together with the above-mentioned exercise log.

You can make a plan a week to ensure the diversity of sports this week. After exercise, you will make the next exercise according to this week’s plan.

Responsible Editor: Qing Qing