Pruritus and dryness of private parts? These 10 bad habits really need to be changed.

Itch, dry, both of which make people very uncomfortable.

Especially for women, if [that] place is itchy and dry, it will only make it more uncomfortable and embarrassed to talk about it.

However, most of the time, pruritus and dryness in the private parts are caused unconsciously. Today, Dr. Clove will talk about which bad habits need to be changed immediately.

Bad Habit 1: Repeated Vaginal Flushing

Some women especially love cleanliness and think vagina is [healthier to wash].

In fact, everyone is too nervous. Various bacteria in the vagina form a natural acidic environment and have a strong [self-cleaning ability]. Even if ordinary foreign pathogens run in, it is difficult to survive.

If you wash repeatedly and even use various lotions, it is easy to destroy this natural barrier.

Bad Habit 2: Do [Private Parts Maintenance]

Dr. Clove said just now that the vagina actually has [self-cleaning] ability, as long as we don’t add chaos at ordinary times.

In a word, if there is no disease and the doctor does not require it, the average person does not need additional [private parts maintenance].

Bad Habit 3: Grab as soon as you itch

Many reasons can lead to vulvar pruritus, such as the use of some essence-containing cleaning products, unhygienic sexual life, vaginal dryness, etc.

Once itching occurs, [scratching and scratching] will only make the symptoms more and more serious.

The best way is to see a doctor and do an examination. Only by finding out the causes behind itching and solving them can we really relieve itching.

Bad Habit 4: Cleaning Products Too Powerful

Many women will think that vulva is very dirty, and the better the washing effect is with products with stronger cleaning power and more fragrant taste.

But in fact, vulvar skin is very sensitive and not as dirty as imagined. Clean water is enough for daily cleaning.

Bad Habit 5: Not Changing Underpants in Time after Exercise

Vagina is easily infected by yeast, which is easy to grow in humid and sultry environment.

Therefore, if your close-fitting clothes are sweaty during exercise, you must not wear them for too long and change them in time.

In addition, wearing especially tight clothes is also easy to increase the chance of yeast infection, and it is recommended that everyone wear less.

Bad Habit 6: Rub it casually after defecating and urinating.

It must be stressed that it should be wiped from front to back at all times. Only in this way can germs be prevented from being infected.

In addition, if you wipe with coarse and hard toilet paper, it is also easy to stimulate vulva. It is recommended to use clean and soft toilet paper as much as possible.

Bad Habit 7: Lack of Foreplay in Sex Life

Lack of foreplay and vagina lubrication will not only make both sides feel uncomfortable, but may also cause bleeding and contusion.

In fact, mucus produced by vagina is like penis erection, which is a physiological reaction brought by foreplay and is very natural.

Therefore, it is better to make the preparation time for sex life longer and foreplay more sufficient.

Bad Habit 8: Improper Use of Lubricant

No matter what kind of friction, the use of lubricant can relieve the pain of friction.

However, be sure to choose the product that suits you best, because some people may be allergic to lubricants.

Note that don’t replace lubricants with baby oil, edible oil, hand cream, etc. in order to save money. Those things cannot be put into the body.

Bad Habit 9: Never Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles are a group of special muscles, which are related to the functions of bladder, urethra and intestinal tract.

If these muscles can become strong, they can better support pelvic organs such as uterus, bladder, small intestine, rectum, etc., thus improving urinary incontinence and making sex experience better.

It is suggested that women with dry vagina and sexual discomfort also try Kegel exercise, which will be beneficial.

Bad Habit 10: No Gynecological Examination

In many cases, there will be no obvious symptoms when the vagina is sick. When the symptoms such as vulvar pruritus and vaginal dryness are very obvious, the problem often occurs for a long time.

Therefore, it is better to add gynecological examination to the annual physical examination plan and not wait until there are symptoms.