These four places for the baby cannot be too clean. Frequent cleaning will harm the baby.

To make the baby healthier, moderate [dirty] is beneficial to the baby.

For example, if these four dirty-looking parts of the baby are excessively cleaned, it will really damage the baby’s health.

Nose nausea and breathing obstruction? Digging indiscriminately is harmful but not beneficial.

If adults’ nasal excrement is described as [much], then the baby’s nasal excrement is like this:

Many, many, many, many

Many, many, many, many

Many, many, many, many

-Why do I clean up Eva’s nasal excrement every day? There are still so many nasal excrement?

-Because you clean too much.

To tell the truth, the baby’s nasal cavity is relatively short, unlike adults who have nasal hair protection, and the nasal mucosa is relatively tender. If you always dig your nostrils to clean up nasal excrement for the baby, the nasal mucosa will be stimulated, and it will be more prone to runny nose and itching, and the nasal excrement will be more.

Moreover, although nasal mucus and nasal excrement look ugly, but the baby is more natural protective barrier than nasal cavity, frequent cleaning is easy to cause respiratory tract infection, the baby’s nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels, and carelessly will also dig through the nose and nosebleeds. The broken place will itch after scabbing, and the child cannot help digging the nose again, so it is easy to dig through again.

The last thing is… if you dig, baby will learn from you to dig later. The picture is really not good-looking…

-The baby’s nasal excrement cannot be dug, how should it be cleaned?

In most cases, it is not necessary to clean it up. If you feel that your baby’s nose excrement is too much, you can spray and drip your nose with normal saline, let your baby lie up for a while, soften the nose excrement, and finally use cotton swabs and paper towels to treat the nose excrement, or let it flow out by itself.

Is it comfortable to pick out earwax occasionally? Beware of hurting Eva’s ear canal

Mother likes to dig [two excrements] for her baby best, besides nose excrement and earwax.

-How comfortable it is to pull out earwax for Eva.

Dr. Clove would like to say that parents think they are comfortable picking out their ears, which is likely to hurt their children’s ear canal.

Infants’ ear canal is narrower than adults’, and skin immunity is weaker, and frequent earwax removal is also easy to cause otitis externa. Improper ear removal if you do not master the [scale], will hurt the eardrum, think that when you dig for yourself, you will accidentally hurt the eardrum, let alone for Eva.

In fact, normal earwax will not affect the health of the ears. Earwax can also protect the baby’s ears and block microorganisms, bugs and even water. Most people’s earwax can be discharged by themselves. Perhaps inadvertently, the baby’s earwax will fall out of the ears.

If the baby’s earwax is really a lot of obvious discomfort, parents are advised to take the baby to a professional hospital to find a doctor for help.

Is it hard to look dirty on your head? Don’t pick the scab indiscriminately.

Many babies have a layer of dandruff-like dirt on their heads, called scab.

Some are thick, oily, yellow or brown, some are scaly or crushed, [sometimes it looks really uncomfortable and I want to get rid of it].

However, unlike itchy and uncomfortable eczema, scab usually appears in the first few months of the baby’s birth and will disappear by June to December without any discomfort and hardly affect the baby’s life.

Parents don’t need to pay too much attention to this [imperfection]. Don’t help the baby to remove the scab by force. Once, some parents couldn’t help scraping the scab with a comb, which eventually led to scalp damage, infection and inflammation.

If you want to remove your baby’s scab, you can gently soften and wipe it with a cotton swab stained with mineral oil (baby oil), and then wash it with warm water. Don’t worry about removing it at one time. Persist every day and it will be washed off slowly.

Nvbao’s little fart is dirty? Don’t treat the protective barrier as inflammation.

Parents who have female babies must have such experience:

When bathing or washing the baby’s fart, I will look at the little fart (vagina) of the female treasure by the way, and sometimes I will find white secretions.

At this time, many parents will feel that the secretion is very dirty, afraid that the baby’s small fart will get [inflammation] if it is not properly handled, and will quickly use cotton swabs to dip in water or wipe the baby clean.

However, it is important to know that this white secretion of the female baby’s vulva is not what’s dirty thing, but a normal physiological phenomenon.

Some studies have shown that these secretions of female baby’s small fart contain substances that can kill bacteria and inhibit bacteria, which are not only harmless, but also can protect the baby’s pudendum from bacteria.

What about how if these secretions are excessively cleaned? Without the protection of secretions, babies will increase the risk of local infection.

-How should we clean up the baby girl’s small fart? Don’t you wash it even if it stinks?

Of course not, defecation must be cleaned, but in other cases, when cleaning and nursing the baby’s vulva, it is only necessary to clean it with running water. If there are too many secretions, warm water can also be washed off slowly every day without worrying.

If the baby’s secretions are yellow and bloody, or the vulva is red, swollen and itchy, then take the baby to see a doctor.