Put away this physical examination strategy so that you don’t spend money in vain.

Is the more expensive the physical examination, the better?

There are not many things in this world that are more expensive and better. Even if there are, they are not physical examinations.

Dr. Clove said so, but it was backed by facts.

Why isn’t the more expensive the physical examination, the better?

I have to say, there are really… too many kinds of physical examinations now.

It is impossible to get wet with rain and dew, so many people begin to be confused: I just want to have a routine physical examination. What are the routine physical examination items?

In fact, no matter how dazzling, physical examination is mainly divided into two categories: [basic physical examination items] and [personalized physical examination items].

1. Basic physical examination items

This is often referred to as routine physical examination, mainly including the following items:

    Self-test questionnaire for health examination: usually a form; Physical examination: such as weight, blood pressure, internal surgery, eyes, ears, mouth, gynecology and other physical examination; Laboratory examination: such as routine hematuria and feces, liver and kidney function, blood lipid and blood sugar, uric acid, cervical scraping, etc. Auxiliary examination: such as electrocardiogram, chest radiograph, abdominal ultrasound examination, etc.; Home page of medical examination report.

For most people, by doing these basic examinations, they can have a basic understanding of their physical condition and discover the precursors of diseases.

Why do we have to spend more money on problems that can be solved by spending hundreds of dollars or even cheaper?

2. Personalized physical examination items

Seeing the word [personalization], you can probably guess that this is only a check for some people.

It mainly refers to the early risk screening of some chronic diseases. As to whether some expensive examinations are needed, doctors will give different suggestions according to personal family history, past history, physical condition, etc., and the expenses will vary from person to person.

For example, many patients with chondroma will ask: Do you want PET-CT during physical examination?

PET-CT is only considered if X-ray, CT or magnetic resonance are highly suspected of malignant transformation. It is only chondroma and has no meaning to do it. The cost of this examination is about 10,000 yuan, so it is still fine as a physical examination item.

Physical examination is never as expensive as possible. What suits you is the best. This sentence is simply the motto of life!

If there is radiation in the examination items, will it be bad for your health?

It is normal for everyone to have this worry. After all, unprotected medical radiation does have an impact on the human body.

However, as long as protective measures are taken and medical examinations such as X-ray and CT are used within a reasonable range, radiation is really not terrible.

For example, there are rumors that after taking chest radiographs, you cannot have children for half a year?

X-ray chest radiograph does have radiation, but this amount is very small, and the part irradiated by chest radiograph is not the most sensitive abdomen.

If you want a baby, just continue to be steadfast in preparing for pregnancy.

How to do a reasonable physical examination?

As mentioned earlier, physical examination can be divided into [routine] and [personalized], so the physical examination suggestions for different groups are also different.

If there is no major physical problem, it is recommended to have a routine physical examination every year, without excessive physical examination or too frequent physical examination. If your body is often uncomfortable, you can [eat extra food] and do some chronic disease screening items during physical examination.

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular diseases

    Suggested population: Some people in the family suffer from cardiovascular diseases, smoking and drinking, eating with heavy taste, love to put salt, often dizziness and headache, etc. Physical examination items: blood viscosity monitoring, myocardial enzyme, renin, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ambulatory electrocardiogram, cardiac color Doppler ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, fundus examination, coronary CT imaging, head MR and vascular MR angiography, etc.

2. Diabetes

    Suggested population: Some people in the family suffer from diabetes, and individuals have suffered from gestational diabetes and coronary heart disease. Obesity, hypertension; I often feel thirsty, drink too much, urinate too much, eat too much and lose weight. Physical examination items: fasting blood glucose, 2-hour postprandial blood glucose, glucose tolerance test, glycosylated hemoglobin and serum insulin, etc.

3. Chronic kidney disease

    Suggested population: Some people in the family suffer from kidney disease, and individuals have suffered from chronic nephritis, proteinuria, hypertension, diabetes, eyelid edema, hematuria, less urine, always feeling tired, anorexia and nausea, etc. Physical examination items: monitoring blood pressure, blood creatinine, urine trace protein and kidney ultrasound, etc.

4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

    Suggested population: smoking and long-term cough and asthma, etc. Physical examination items: lung function examination, chest CT, etc.

5. Partial Malignant Tumors

At present, there has been quite a lot of publicity on cancer screening, but it must be told that the internationally recognized and effective cancer screening programs include cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening and colorectal cancer screening.

In addition, some high-risk groups such as lung cancer and gastric cancer can also undergo corresponding cancer screening.

Who needs cancer screening?

Click on the right to give you a more detailed answer: Reliable Cancer Screening Do This

As for the others…

If someone tells you, this test can find more than 100 kinds of cancers! Then you should turn around and run away quickly. Don’t delay anyone for a while. It’s all nonsense.

After watching so many inspection items, is it a little collapsed? So many, let a person how to choose!

Don’t worry about what you need to do. As long as you tell the doctor your situation truthfully, they will help you solve it, make professional recommendations and give you a set of physical examination matching suitable for you.

I hope that with these basic understandings, you will no longer be confused in the next physical examination, and will not be cheated by some [obviously not but looking very severe] physical examination packages. If you don’t spend money, you will be more likely to get incorrect examination results and increase your troubles.