Raisins are dirty and should be washed before eating? How many of the 10 common sense of life can you answer correctly?

There is always a lot of [common sense of life] in life, which is not a big problem in what, but there are always doubts in my heart.

Dr. Clove picked out some common problems in life today to share with you.

For the following 10 [common sense of life], your answer is what?

Raisins are dirty and must be washed before eating?

Although eating raisins does not spit raisin skins, whether to wash them before eating also scores.

If you buy it in bulk, wash it before eating it. If you buy it in sealed packaging, you can eat it without washing.

Packaged food has strict hygiene requirements. It needs to be professionally cleaned before packaging. There will be no legendary [full of ash] or some indescribable small animals…

The more you take a bath and rub mud, the cleaner you will be?

Moderate cleaning is good.

The mud rubbed down during bathing is mainly skin debris, dust and sweat that fall off. Proper rubbing is good. However, if the cleaning is excessive, such as rubbing until the skin turns red, it may damage the protective barrier of the skin itself, causing the skin to become sensitive, dry and itchy.

We are not so dirty, why bother to do so much.

Are the breasts on both sides exactly the same?

Quickly look down at your own (or others’)!

Of course it’s not exactly the same.

A small study found that 44% of women complained that their breasts on one side were significantly smaller than those on the other (there was no smallest, only smaller).

If the nipple size and chest shape are considered again, up to 88% of women feel that their two sides look obviously different…

Can’t plastic wrap be heated?

The packaging of some plastic wrap will clearly indicate [microwave heating], you guess, it means what…

There are different types of plastic wrap, some can only be used to package low-temperature or normal-temperature food, others have better performance and can withstand high temperatures of 140 ~ 180 ℃.

Whether the plastic wrap bought back can be heated or not depends on the [temperature tolerance] and [scope of application] on the package.

Is drinking porridge good for your health after surgery?

Dr. Clove must say: Although rice congee is good, don’t be greedy.

Compared with other foods, rice congee is really easy to digest. When the operation was just finished, the gastrointestinal function was still recovering. Rice congee is a good choice. However, rice congee has limited nutrition. If you drink porridge [nourishing the stomach] for a long time, the nutrition will not keep up with it. You must restore a diversified diet in time.

Sitting for too long will hurt your body?

Yes, sitting for too long hurts my whole body.

Let’s simply count the impact of sedentary sitting on the body here:

Obesity will find you, which may bring cardiovascular diseases and diabetes… neck pain, lumbago… leg swelling, and venous thrombosis in serious cases… may lead to high [below] temperature and affect [sex] happiness…

I asked you if you were afraid.

Do you want to continue to nest in the sofa and refuse to extricate yourself?

Long-term non-fever, but shows poor health?

These two things really have nothing to do.

People have a fever, which may be caused by some [lawless elements] doing something wrong in the body, causing the attention of the body’s immune system, thus activating the body’s defense mechanism, such as raising body temperature, to fight against these [lawless elements].

People don’t have a fever, probably because these [criminals] in the body are not so important or cunning and have not attracted the attention of the immune system. At this time, the defense mechanism will not be activated for the time being and the body temperature will not be raised.

That’s all.

Drinking cold water will affect the drug effect?

In order to take the medicine, the mouthful of water that you drink will quickly approach your body temperature and will not affect the drug effect.

If the water temperature in what is really appropriate, both cold and warm water are OK.

Too hot water, mouth will not agree?

Can’t eat on an empty stomach: bananas, pineapples, milk, soya-bean milk, persimmons, hawthorn, oranges…?

Can’t you eat when you starve to death?

It’s all right. If you take a little bite first, it’s not an empty stomach.

Don’t worry.

There are too many rumors, just want to talk to Dr. Clove about life and drink tea?