Reading Picture Books: Stay Away from Hot Soup and Hot Water

Children are full of curiosity about everything in life, I like to explore everywhere and feel the fresh world in my own way. However, there are always some dangerous factors in life that parents should be alert to, especially scalds. Scalds will not only bring harm to children’s hearts, but also leave scars and affect their beauty if not handled properly. Therefore, Dr. Clove gives parents the following advice:

1. In case the child is scalded, the wound should be washed continuously with tap water immediately, or the scalded part should be soaked in a container filled with clean cold water for 30 minutes, which can quickly dissipate heat from the wound.

2. Don’t rub, massage or squeeze the scalded skin, and don’t wipe it with a towel in a hurry. The clothes and trousers on the injured part should be cut off to avoid tearing the skin.

3. Do not smear the wound surface with colored liquid medicine such as mercurochrome and mercurochrome, so as not to affect the doctor’s judgment on the degree of scalding, nor do you smear it with alkaline flour, soy sauce, toothpaste, etc., so as not to cause infection or deepen the wound surface.

4. For serious burns, especially head, face and neck, they should be sent to hospital for treatment as soon as possible. For mild burns on the head, face and neck, after cleaning the wound surface and applying medicine, there is no need to wrap it up, so that the wound surface is exposed and contacted with air, which can keep the wound surface dry and accelerate the wound surface recovery.

5. Do not put the kettle in the home where children can reach it. Too hot utensils and food must not be exposed to children. When the electric iron is used up, put it in a safe place.

The following story can be told by parents to their children to help them understand the danger of scalding.

Doctor Clove Tells Story: Old Duck Soup that Can [Deceive]

The little hippopotamus Huanhuan is an impetuous person. No matter what he does, he is full of wind and fire. If he sees delicious food, it will be even more full of wind and fire, because the little hippopotamus is still a greedy cat!

On this day, the little hippopotamus came home from school and smelled an attractive aroma as soon as he entered. [Mom, Mom, did you cook what’s delicious food today? ]

The little hippopotamus ran into the kitchen and saw a small casserole on the stove. It was glug and the fragrance was floating from here! The little hippopotamus stretched out his hand and wanted to lift the lid. His mother stopped him quickly: “Don’t touch it, hot it!” ]

The little hippopotamus said strangely: “Mom, the lid is not hot.” The mother laughed and said, “The lid is not hot, the pan is hot. After the lid is lifted, it will be even hotter. If you don’t believe me, stand away and let you have a look.”

The little hippopotamus stepped back a few steps. Mother carefully lifted the lid of the pot and immediately dodged. She saw a large piece of water vapor coming out of the casserole. It was white and the little hippopotamus felt a hot air coming from a distance. Mother quickly covered the lid again. [See? When cooking or cooking, there will be this kind of hot water vapor in the pan, which will come out as soon as the lid is lifted. Especially for pressure cookers and electric rice cookers that cook rice, there is a lot of hot air in them. You cannot lift the lid immediately after turning off the fire or unplugging the power supply. You cannot lift the lid until the hot air in the pan has almost run away, otherwise you will be scalded.]

The little hippopotamus nodded: [Remember.]

After a while, the meal was served. The family sat around the table and began to eat. Today’s food is really delicious! The little hippopotamus saw that many dishes were emitting light white smoke. This is what my mother just said [steam]!

The little hippopotamus said to his father, “Dad, be careful to burn!” ] Mom and Dad laughed, and Dad said, “Well, OK, thank you for reminding me!” ]

Suddenly, the little hippopotamus saw a bowl of non-steaming soup on the table. Is this soup cold? The little hippopotamus picked up the bowl and wanted to taste it, but…

[Oh, my God! ] The soup bowl was so hot that the little hippopotamus threw it away. This was even worse. The soup in the bowl spilled out and spilled it on the hippopotamus’s arms and legs. The hippopotamus cried with pain.

Dad hurriedly took the hippopotamus to the bathroom, turned on the faucet and washed his scalded leg with cold water. Mother hurried to cut the hippopotamus’s wet cuffs carefully with scissors. Let the arm dissipate heat, and fill the water basin with cold water, soak the scalded arm of the hippopotamus into the cold water. After brewing for a long time, the hippopotamus gradually felt less painful. Dad took the ice bag again, and Mom gently covered the ice bag on the hippopotamus. At this moment, Mom began to criticize the hippopotamus: “How can you be so careless?” ]

The little hippopotamus sobbed, “that bowl is not steaming at all… I didn’t think it was hot…”

My mother sighed and hugged the hippopotamus and said, “That is a bowl of old duck soup. Because there is a lot of oil in the soup, the oil is on the top, covering the heat and not dispersing it. In fact, it is very hot. Before eating or drinking water, touch the bowl or cup gently with your hand to try whether it is hot or not, so as not to burn yourself.”

Half an hour later, my mother took off the ice bag, and the red color on the hippopotamus’s skin was much lighter and less painful. Dad gently applied scalding ointment to the hippopotamus and said, “Fortunately, there was no blistering or skin breakage, otherwise I would have to go to the hospital.”

The little hippopotamus looked at his red arms and thighs and thought, “It’s all the blame for the bowl of [deceiving] old duck soup!” However, I will never fall for it again!

Experts’ Words to Children

Children, fish soup, old duck soup, bone soup are very good to drink, but you must be careful when drinking, don’t worry, so as not to burn to the mouth. In addition, don’t wolf down when eating, on the one hand, it is easy to choke, on the other hand, the food may also have high temperature to burn the mouth. When eating or drinking water, it is best to touch the bowl or cup with your hand first to avoid scalding your mouth.

You should also stay away from electric rice cookers, kettles and thermos bottles. Don’t play with matches and gas cookers. Don’t play in the kitchen. When using the water dispenser, pick up cold water and then hot water. When taking a bath, you must first try the water temperature with your hands. In case of scalding, rinse the wound continuously with tap water and ask adults for help at the same time. Never wipe, rub or squeeze the scalded skin.