Reading Picture Books: It’s Hot Not Running Outside

Although it is hot in summer, it cannot stop children’s nature of playing. However, the high temperature environment is easy for children to suffer heatstroke, so in order to prevent children from heatstroke, Dr. Clove gives parents the following suggestions:

When children suffer from heatstroke symptoms such as headache, dim eyesight, tinnitus, dizziness, thirst, sweating and palpitation in a high temperature environment, please refer to the following steps and actively take appropriate protective measures:

  1. Immediately go to a ventilated, cool and dry place to rest, such as corridors, shade trees, cool rooms, etc.

  2. Let the child lie on his back, keep breathing unobstructed, unbutton his clothes, loosen his clothes, and wipe his whole body with a wet towel to cool down. At the same time, turn on the electric fan or air conditioner to dissipate heat as soon as possible, but the wind should not blow directly at the child.

  3. Don’t let the child eat or drink water before he is conscious. After he is conscious, he should drink a small amount of light saline for many times to supplement enough water and salt. It is advisable to drink no more than 300ml of water each time.

  4. Don’t eat greasy and meat food. Excessive consumption will increase the burden on the digestive system and reduce the blood delivered to the brain.

The following story can be told by parents to their children to help them prevent heatstroke while playing happily.

Doctor Clove Tells Story: It’s Hot and Hot Summer

There was not a cloud in the blue sky, and the burning sunlight was shining unobstructed. The cicadas in the tree shouted vigorously: “cicadas, cicadas!” Hot, hot! ]

It was quiet everywhere, only on the small playground, there were bursts of cries and laughter. Who is this?

Oh, it turned out to be little yellow dog, little flower cat and little fat pig. Three good friends are kicking the ball! The little yellow dog ran hard with the ball, the little flower cat ran hard, the little fat pig rushed up halfway to intercept… or the little yellow dog ran fast and kicked the ball into the [goal] with a [bang] foot. The little yellow dog jumped up happily: “Oh, I won again!” ]

Xiao Hua Mao stopped, shook his head, gasped for breath and said, “No more, no more. It’s too hot. I’m going back. Little fat pig, how about you?” ]

The little fat pig was also sweating all over. He wiped the sweat and said in a simple and honest way, “I want to go home too. Little yellow dog, what about you? The little yellow dog had not played enough, and he was reluctant to go back. He said, “Don’t go, play for a while!” One game! ]

Xiao Hua Mao said: “No, I can’t stand the heat. I’m going home to have a cold drink. Little yellow dog, you should stop playing and go home.” Little yellow dog thought for a moment and said: “Well… you go first, I’ll play for a while.”

Xiao Hua Mao and the little fat pig went home and the little yellow dog played alone.

As soon as Xiao Hua Mao got home, he rushed straight to the refrigerator, took out a large glass of iced sweet orange water from the refrigerator and poured it into his stomach. The whole body was cold when the cold drink was drunk.

Xiao Hua Mao sat on the sofa with a buttock and exhaled gas. [Wow, it’s so comfortable. Well, it’s not enough, another cup.] Xiao Hua Mao opened the refrigerator door again. This time he took a cup of sour plum soup. Ha, when he thought of the sour and sweet taste of sour plum soup, he would drool… [glug], [glug], Xiao Hua Mao drank one cup after another.

On the other side, the little fat pig also went home. As soon as the little fat pig entered the door, he couldn’t wait to turn on the air conditioner, [whirring] and blow out the cool wind from the air conditioner. It was so comfortable! What a tiring day! The little fat pig came up sleepy and climbed into bed and fell asleep in a daze.

In the dream, the little fat pig came to a valley. The valley was really beautiful and the wind was really comfortable. I walked and walked in the valley. Oh, why did I accidentally fall into the lake? The water was so cold that the little fat pig shivered with cold. Before long, it seemed that he fell from the lake into the big stove again, burning himself very uncomfortable!

In a daze, the little fat pig heard his mother’s anxious cry: “Baby, what’s wrong with you?” I heard my father say again, “Stop shouting and take him to the hospital!” ]

When the little fat pig woke up, he was already in the hospital ward. The little fat pig had a high fever. He opened his eyes weakly. Hey, aren’t those on the other two beds the little yellow dog and the little flower cat?

[Little Yellow Dog, Xiao Hua Mao, why are you here? ]

The little yellow dog whined, “I played in the sun too long and suffered heatstroke.”

Xiao Hua Mao also sobbed and said: “My stomachache is killing me, whining, very uncomfortable…”

At this time, the parents of the three little friends and the panda doctor came in together. While examining everyone, the panda doctor said: “little fat pig, you can’t blow the air conditioner hard in summer, especially after sweating, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold and have a fever.” Little yellow dog, can’t bask in the big sun all the time in summer, otherwise you will suffer heatstroke. Xiao Hua Mao, you can’t drink so much water just after exercise, especially cold drinks. Your stomach can’t stand it and it’s easy to get dangerous.]

The three little friends looked at each other. It turned out that it was so hot and hot in summer that there were so many things to pay attention to… The three little friends nodded: “Well, we remember!” ]

Mom and Dad also said: [Pay attention to it in the future! Now, babies, you should have a good rest, take medicine on time and get better quickly! ]

Yes, summer is still a long way off, and there are still so many fun things that have not had time to play. Of course, we must get better quickly. We must have a healthy and happy summer! The three little friends looked at each other and all smiled.

Experts’ Words to Children

Summer is so hot, children must prevent heatstroke, pay attention to sun protection, drink more plain boiled water, don’t eat a lot of cold drinks, and don’t always blow air conditioning or sleep on the ground to prevent hot colds. Please do the following:

  1. In summer, when it is hot, try not to go out to play at noon. You can take a nap at home.

  2. Drink 5 to 6 glasses of water every day, and drink some light salt water when sweating more.

  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, take a bath and change clothes frequently every day.

  4. When playing outside, be sure to bring sunshade, sunglasses, essential balm, etc. Do not expose yourself to the sun for a long time and pay attention to rest in the shade.