Removing blackheads and shrinking pores? Is [Face Washing Artifact] Really Reliable?

[Doctor Clove, my pores are thick and I have blackheads. Can I use XX Facial Washer/Blackhead Patch/Scrub Cream? ]

The problem of blackheads and pores perplexes many girls who love beauty, and also gives birth to many online red products under the banner of removing blackheads. All kinds of cleaning products, which one can effectively remove blackheads and reduce pores?

Today, Dr. Zhang Liwen will give you a detailed analysis.

1. Washing face artifact, not so [God]

In principle, face washing instruments are roughly divided into two categories:

    One is to increase local mechanical friction through the brush head, just as the brush will be cleaner than the towel when washing sneakers at ordinary times. Second, it has the function of acoustic wave oscillation, which is similar to going to an optician’s to wash glasses. It will be cleaner than we do at home.

But can washing clean prevent sneakers and glasses from getting dirty again? Can the pores on the surface of sneakers be reduced? Of course not.

Similarly, reasonable use of face washing artifact can reduce dirt on the skin surface to a certain extent, and even loosen blackheads through sound wave oscillation, making blackheads easier to be brushed off.

However, blackheads have gone, and the [pit] caused by the large pores is still there. I just want to take eggs from the chicken coop, and there will be new eggs in a few days. It is difficult to fundamentally improve the existing large pores.

2. Nasal patches and facial masks are only superficial efforts.

Wire drawing mask, mud mask, blackhead nose patch, rice, egg film, all have certain adhesion or adsorption, so some people want to pull blackheads out of pores through them.

Not to mention whether these things can really pull out blackheads, even if they can be pulled out, they may also [stick] down the protective cutin on the skin surface.

This not only has no contraction effect on pores, but also may destroy the skin’s epidermal barrier function, leading to skin damage and even infection.

In addition, sebaceous glands continue to secrete grease. If pores cannot shrink in time, blackheads will continue to appear. Therefore, methods such as pasting and tearing can only treat symptoms, not root causes.

3. Friction, be careful to damage the skin barrier

Scrub cream, rub with sugar or salt and other folk remedies, hoping to remove old waste cutin and blackheads by increasing friction. The idea is good, but the effect is often unsatisfactory.

Besides, excessive use or improper operation may damage the skin barrier function and lead to other problems.

To do a good job of cleaning, you only need to wash your face carefully.

To prevent pores and blackheads, the most basic and important thing is to do a good job of facial cleaning.

Fully clean the face, it is recommended to clean it once a day in the morning and evening, and choose cleansing products with different cleaning powers according to your own needs.

Use 1 ~ 2 g of facial cleansing products, focusing on both sides of forehead and nose that are easy to produce oil on the face, gently draw circles with fingers and smear them, then clean them with clear water or towel stained with clear water.

After washing your face, dry it in time instead of air-drying it, then spray moisturizing (refreshing) skin water, apply moisturizing cream, etc. to do a good job of moisturizing.

Good moisturizing work also helps soften skin and prevent blackheads.

To make a thorough improvement, we need to find a professional doctor.

Since washing one’s face can only achieve the preventive effect, what should one do if one wants to completely improve pore bulkiness and remove blackheads?

Everyone may have guessed the answer: under the guidance of professional doctors, choose a suitable treatment plan.

1. Medicines

Retinoic acid drugs have the effects of removing excess keratinization, regulating keratinization of hair follicle mouth cells, reducing sebaceous gland secretion, etc. To a certain extent, they can reduce and prevent blackheads, but they often take effect slowly.

It should be noted that such drugs are irritating and may cause local skin redness, itching, tingling, etc.

Therefore, it should be used under the guidance of a doctor. It cannot be used during pregnancy and lactation.

2. Tartaric acid therapy

Fruit acid belongs to weak acid and can stimulate skin regeneration through chemical exfoliation, thus achieving therapeutic effects such as shrinking pores and rejuvenating skin.

Fruit acid treatment may cause adverse reactions such as stabbing pain, burning sensation, temporary skin flushing, etc. Some people may also have skin burns, erosion, temporary acne aggravation and other reactions.

Therefore, the use of tartaric acid for skin replacement should also be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

Especially for people who are sensitive to skin, if they treat themselves without consulting a doctor, they may aggravate skin sensitivity due to using the wrong concentration and too frequently.

3. Cosmetic laser

Intense pulsed light (IPL), erbium laser, CO2 lattice laser, radio frequency and other technologies can stimulate dermal collagen proliferation, initiate tissue repair, collagen rearrangement and so on to a certain extent, thus improving skin elasticity and luster and shrinking pores.

However, the requirements of these technologies on instruments and operation methods are relatively high, and it is difficult to complete without professional guidance. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose a beauty salon or studio for laser treatment. Because it is difficult to judge the qualifications of operators in such places, the consequences may be very serious if they are careless.

Pore blackheads are not terrible. What is terrible is to take one’s own face as an experiment, irresponsibly try unreliable products, or go into irregular institutional treatment. In fact, as long as you do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing, actively prevent, plus the treatment and guidance of professional doctors, the problem of pores and blackheads can be significantly improved.

Therefore, it is always the best choice to treat pores and blackheads under the guidance of professional doctors.

If you have questions about the professionalism of doctors and institutions, you can download the [Doctor Clove] App, search the doctor’s hospital, and consult a professional dermatologist.