Rheumatism is a what?

Ten years ago, a 14-year-old girl, Because of swelling and pain in many joints of the whole body, According to the advertisement, I bought the anti-rheumatic [XX capsule], According to the instructions, three courses of treatment were used, The disease is getting worse and worse, Finally came to our hospital rheumatic immunization clinic for treatment, After examination, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and early necrosis of the right femoral head. The cause of necrosis of the femoral head may be related to the large dose of sugar hormone contained in the advertisement medicine. When the little girl learned of the situation, she gnashed her teeth and said, “I want to kill all those who fake the medicine.” Her grief and indignation expression still makes me unforgettable.

As a doctor, I am both sad and helpless about this kind of situation. To avoid this kind of tragedy, only let most people correctly understand rheumatism.

Rheumatism has nothing to do with [wind] [dampness]

Influenced by traditional medicine, many people still think that rheumatism is arthritis caused by cold. In modern medicine, the [wind] and [dampness] in rheumatism have nothing to do with the wind-cold and moisture in traditional medicine.

Rheumatism in modern medicine refers to a group of diseases related to immune, genetic, metabolic and other factors, occurring in bones, joints and surrounding soft tissues, as well as blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues and other parts, including nearly 200 diseases in 10 categories.

Most of the causes are various factors that lead to abnormalities in the autoimmune system. Originally, the immune system of foreign invaders should be attacked instead of their own tissues. Because rheumatism is closely related to the immune system, the rheumatology department in many hospitals is also called rheumatology and immunology department.

Symptoms varied

As mentioned earlier, rheumatism includes ten categories and nearly 200 diseases, so its manifestations are also varied, including all kinds of basic physical discomfort.

    Pain: This is the most common manifestation, including arthralgia, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, heel pain and muscle pain, which often worsen after getting up or resting in the morning, accompanied by stiffness and inflexibility of limbs. Skin manifestations: It is also very common in rheumatism, such as rash that cannot be cured for a long time, oral vulvar ulcer, facial erythema, whitening and purple of hands, feet and limbs when exposed to cold or emotional excitement; Other manifestations: dry mouth, dry eyes, myasthenia of unknown causes, simultaneous effusion in thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity and pericardial cavity, long-term repeated fever, multiple abortions, massive alopecia, etc.

In case of the above manifestations, we should be alert to the possibility of suffering from rheumatic immune diseases and go to the rheumatic immune department of a regular hospital as soon as possible.

All kinds of folk remedies are not allowed to be believed.

Many rheumatic diseases start in the prime of life, and the cause of the disease is unknown. The treatment is slow and the treatment course is long. Some even compare rheumatism to [immortal cancer].

Influenced by this extreme statement, many patients are easy to lose confidence in the treatment after a period of treatment. Holding the mentality of “dead horse as living horse doctor” to seek some folk remedies [ancestral old traditional Chinese medicine], etc.

These folk remedies, If there is no curative effect, it is good. The effect is likely to be illegal addition of unknown doses of painkillers and glucocorticoids. Although the symptoms were relieved in a short period of time, However, because they do not know the safe dose, they cannot get timely follow-up and reexamination. Long-term medication risks are very high, just like the little girl mentioned at the beginning, because taking a large dose of glucocorticoid leads to femoral head necrosis.

There is also a folk saying that if you have rheumatism, you cannot eat [hair], such as rice wine, beef, mutton, seafood, animal viscera, etc.

This statement is also undesirable. First of all, there is no concept of [hair] in modern medicine. Second, balanced nutrition is the basis of good health.

In addition to gout patients who need to limit purine intake, most rheumatic patients do not need to strictly control diet, such as excessive diet control, resulting in malnutrition, which is not conducive to the treatment of diseases.

Patience and confidence are the key

One of the great characteristics of rheumatism treatment is [good mentality and good curative effect]. Patience and confidence of patients are very important.

Start treatment, take effect slowly, need to follow up in time:

It usually takes 1 ~ 2 months to take effect. Some drugs need to closely monitor the side effects of drugs, and they need to return to rheumatology specialist every 1 ~ 2 months at the beginning of treatment.

The disease is stable, stop taking drugs and don’t worry:

Every 3 ~ 6 months, keep good communication with the doctor, and gradually reduce the amount under the guidance of the doctor.

Don’t lose heart when your illness is repeated:

If the disease is repeated and the treatment plan is adjusted in time, serious adverse drug reactions can be completely avoided, and most rheumatic diseases can be well controlled.

Lifelong medication, don’t pay too much attention:

Patients who need lifelong medication should not care too much about whether their diseases have been eradicated or not and pursue too much about the root cause. As long as they use drugs rationally under the guidance of doctors and control the impact of diseases on life to a minimum, they can also work and live normally.

Many rheumatism cannot be cured at present. It is necessary to try various folk remedies and earthworks for the sake of false [root removal], which will affect normal treatment and may bring unnecessary harm to the body.

Rheumatism is not terrible. As long as it is treated correctly, treated rationally, treated actively and followed the doctor’s advice, one will surely have a high quality of life and enjoy a happy life!