[British Health Pants] There is nothing magical. Let Dr. Clove teach you how to choose underpants.

In ancient times, underwear was called “desecration” and was used to cover up private parts. To this day, “hiding shame” is still regarded by many men as the main function of underwear. Among all the clothing worn, underwear is probably the most discriminated.

However, although underpants are small, they are related to health. Improper wearing of underpants may cause many diseases and become your hidden killer.

[British Health Pants] Is It Really That Magic?

A magical product on the market called “British Health Pants” caused a stir on the Internet. What kind of [magic] product is this that will receive so much attention? I searched with curiosity and found a large number of advertisements about [cure of prostatitis], [treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation] and [penis development]. I can’t help but wonder, is [British health pants] really going to start a medical revolution?

However, when I carefully read the introduction of British health pants, the surprise was swept away. The so-called “British health pants” was just a gimmick promoted by merchants.

1. Its aphrodisiac effect has no evidence to follow.

The magnetic field of underpants catalyzes MACA (known as [natural Viagra]). MACA here refers to [maca], A common Peruvian food does not have what’s aphrodisiac effect. Its claim that the magnetic field together catalyzes a common food is absolutely absurd. Apart from how it generates magnetic fields, the thermal effect generated by long-term exposure to magnetic fields may itself be a kind of harm, not to mention the promotion that it can solve men’s dysfunction.

2. Material unknown

Generally speaking, the best material of underwear is cotton, which mainly plays a role in absorbing sweat and breathable to avoid bacteria breeding. And its material is fiber, which is divided into natural and artificial fibers. After consulting the website, there is no specific what material.

3. [Accelerate testosterone secretion and promote growth]

The hypothalamus-pituitary-testis regulatory system regulates the secretion of human testosterone, Testosterone can promote penis development in adolescence, but the main function of testosterone in adult men is to maintain secondary sexual characteristics and promote sperm production. At this time, penis development is complete, and testosterone secretion will not promote penis [secondary development]. Testosterone secretion in human body is finely regulated and will not be affected by trousers.

Which underpants are not recommended?

Tight underpants

Many people like to wear tight underpants, which is actually wrong.

For men, Tight underpants will tighten [wrap] the penis and testicles, On the one hand, it will hinder the normal erection of the penis, on the other hand, it will make the testis close to the abdomen, which will greatly weaken the temperature regulation function of the testis. The best temperature of the testis should be 2 ~ 3 ℃ lower than the body temperature. If the temperature of the testis rises, it will hinder the spermatogenesis of the testis. In addition, the blood supply is blocked, and fragile and sensitive sperm will be seriously affected.

For women, the normal physiological structure of women is that the vaginal orifice, urethral orifice and anus are very close together, and underpants are worn too tightly, which is easy to produce frequent friction with vulva, anus and urethral orifice, causing secretions or germs to enter the vagina or urethra and causing infection of genitourinary system.

Dark or colorful underpants

If men suffer from prostatitis or urethritis and wear dark or colorful underpants, it is not easy to find secretions from the urethral orifice.

For women suffering from vaginitis, leucorrhea will become turbid, even red and yellow, which are all signs of disease. Wearing dark underpants or underpants with too many patterns, the pathological changes cannot be found in time, which may delay the disease.

Chemical fiber underpants

There was a study report that after wearing chemical fiber underpants and semi-cotton and semi-chemical fiber underpants for 14 months, the number of sperm in men decreased. The reason may be that chemical fiber underpants have poor air permeability and sweat absorption, which leads to an increase in testicular temperature and is not conducive to sperm production.

In addition, if women often wear chemical fiber underpants, secretions from leucorrhea and perineal glands are not easy to volatilize, causing sweat and dirt to accumulate and cause infection.

How to correctly choose and clean underwear?

The best material is cotton. Cotton material has the advantages of softness, moisture absorption, heat dissipation, etc. It is best not to choose chemical fiber and silk material.

Style selection should be moderately tight, generally with a little loose as a good. Thong, or as little as possible to wear, but men suffering from varicocele need to choose triangular underwear, can play a role in supporting testicles, helps to reduce the feeling of falling swelling.

Underpants should be changed every day. Choose a lotion with weak irritation, and hand washing is the best.

A pair of small underpants have so much attention, must be careful to buy, health in the first place. Don’t blindly buy propaganda has therapeutic effect of health pants, so as not to be cheated. In addition, should pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of private parts at ordinary times, if the body is not well, should go to the regular hospital in time.

Responsible Editor: Ji Lingyan