Safe methods are very important for the baby to wrap in swaddling clothes.

When the baby cries and cannot sleep soundly, there is a special trick: wrap a small blanket.

Don’t underestimate the swaddling clothes wrapped in this small blanket. It can not only keep the baby warm, but also play a role in soothing. It is a sharp weapon for those crying babies.

However, if the package is not well wrapped, it will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (see here for sudden infant death syndrome), and may also affect the baby’s hip joint development and even dislocation.

Today, Dr. Clove taught everyone this sharp weapon to appease the baby hand in hand. Needless to say, start!

Method 1: Diamond wrapping method

When swaddling clothes with this bag, the baby lies on the diagonal line of the blanket, so it is also called diamond wrapping method.

Specific practices:

  1. Lay the blanket flat with one corner facing up.

  2. Fold the upward corner back;

  3. Place the baby on the blanket and pay attention to the place where the baby’s shoulders are flush with the folding.

  4. Gently straighten the baby’s left arm;

  5. Pull up one corner of the blanket on the left side of the baby, wrap it around the chest, pull it to the lower right side of the baby, and tuck the surplus under the right side.

  6. The right side is treated in the same way.

  7. After the upper body is wrapped, remember to check the baby’s lower limbs to leave enough space for the legs to move freely.

  8. Twist the extra blanket and put it under the baby.

  9. Finally, check again to see if there is enough room for the baby’s lower limbs.

Method 2: Square wrapping method

If you turn the blanket sideways so that the baby’s shoulders are flush with the edge of the blanket, it is the square wrapping method.

Specific practices:

  1. The blanket is paved and the baby is placed on the blanket with the shoulders flush with the edges.

  2. Gently fix the baby’s left arm on the same side of the body;

  3. Pull up the blanket on the left to cover your chest and tuck it under your right.

  4. Similarly, pull up the blanket on the right side of the baby to cover the chest and tuck it under the left side.

  5. After wrapping the upper body, check whether there is enough room for movement in the legs.

  6. Tidy up the extra blanket, grab the two corners and fold them upward, paying attention to folding the tail edge to the chest position;

  7. Plug the two corners under the two sides of the body respectively;

  8. After wrapping, check again whether there is enough free space for the baby’s legs.

Method 3: Sleeping bag wrapping method

Some sleeping bags can be used as swaddling clothes at the same time, with two straps with nylon fasteners on them, which can prevent swaddling clothes from loosening and reduce the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome.

Specific practices:

  1. Open the straps on both sides and put on sleeping bags for the baby.

  2. Gently straighten and fix the baby’s arm on the same side;

  3. The strap is pulled to the lower part of the other side to wrap the chest and stick on the sticky buckle.

  4. Similarly, gently straighten and fix the baby’s arm on the other side, wrap it in swaddling clothes and stick it on the clasp. Note that the outer strap should not be tied too tightly.

  5. Check whether there is enough space left in the legs.

In addition to fixing the baby’s arms on both sides of the body, you can also wrap the baby’s arms across your chest. Of course, it is also possible to let the baby’s arms and hands move freely outside.

There are also a few points to remind treasure parents to pay attention to: wrap the baby in swaddling clothes, must face up, legs must have enough space to move. However, the [candle bag] that straightens the baby’s legs and arms and wraps them tightly cannot achieve the effect of preventing [bowlegs], but may increase the risk of hip joint injury.

Bao’s parents should always pay attention not to let the baby overheat. If they find the baby sweating, red face and shortness of breath, they should untie the swaddling clothes in time.

Swaddling clothes can be used for about 3 months old, so don’t use them when the baby starts to try to turn over.