Sauna: Sperm Killer!

In cold winter, sauna and hot spring are very popular relaxation activities. The high temperature environment promotes human blood circulation and accelerates metabolism in the body.

However, you know, while you are enjoying, [balls] are suffering.

Human reproductive capacity is gradually deteriorating

In recent decades, the quality of human semen has obviously declined. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation, couples who live together for more than one year without contraceptive measures and whose women are infertile due to male reasons are called male infertility. About 5% ~ 8% of couples of childbearing age in developed countries in the world have infertility problems, while in China this figure is about 10% ~ 15%, of which male factors account for about 40% ~ 50%.

Testis is a very important sexual organ of men, which not only secretes androgen, but also produces sperm to maintain male reproductive function. The decline of human reproductive ability is related to environmental pollution, bad living habits, drug abuse and other factors, which directly or indirectly damage the spermatogenic function of testis.

Normal physiological environment of testis

Testis is very sensitive to temperature. To maintain its normal physiological function, the best temperature is required to be 34 ~ 35 C. However, our normal body temperature is about 37 C. Therefore, testis has found a relatively [cool] place during embryo development-scrotum. Scrotum is the natural [air conditioner] of testis and bears the important task of adjusting testis temperature.

In winter, the ambient temperature is relatively low, scrotal skin shrinks to form folds, reducing heat loss; In summer, the ambient temperature is relatively high, the scrotum skin is flabby, increasing heat dissipation. Through this regulation, the testis is always in a suitable and constant temperature, and the testis can produce a large number of [lively] sperm. In short, the testis can work normally under the intimate care of the scrotum.

The sauna comforted the body and hurt the testicles.

In a sauna environment, It is full of high-temperature water vapor, the temperature reaches 70 ~ 80 C, when the water vapor transfers heat to the body, the temperature of testis and scrotum also rises rapidly. When the temperature changes beyond the regulation range of scrotum, the spermatogenic function of testis will inevitably be damaged, which will reduce the spermatogenic ability of testis, reduce sperm motility, reduce the number and even cause dead sperm.

Sauna is an invisible sperm [killer]. When you are enjoying sauna comfortably, the sperm produced by [balls] is undergoing a [big test of survival].

Bad habits that ruin male fertility

In order to have a healthy baby, not only women but also the majority of male compatriots need to be prepared for pregnancy. To produce strong sperm, the following habits should be avoided as much as possible:

1. Wear tight underwear and jeans for many years.

Too tight underpants and trousers will make the scrotum cling to the abdominal wall, limit the regulation ability of the scrotum, increase the testicular temperature, damage the spermatogenic function for a long time, and lead to infertility.

2. Smoking and drinking

Even a small amount of smoking and drinking can also affect semen quality. When your wife smokes passively, it is also very harmful to unborn children. Alcohol can cause chromosomal abnormalities and reduce reproductive ability. So, do you still have what reasons not to quit smoking and drinking?

3. Risk factors in the workplace and living environment

When you are exposed to radiation, chemicals and electromagnetic waves in your work or living environment for a long time, these factors will damage sperm and reduce the number and motility of sperm. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid exposure to these risk factors.

4. Take certain drugs that damage sperm motility.

Some of the drugs have strong killing effects on sperm, such as chemotherapy drugs, sedatives, sleeping pills, etc. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you should consult a doctor.

Step 5: Excessive Stress

Excessive pressure will affect the secretion of testosterone in men. Irritable temper and low mood will also affect the mental state, thus affecting the endocrine balance in the body.

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